October 19, 2009

New city Post delivering detailing

This happen to be my uncle new ride & i offer groom his ride. initially he thought it was just waxing, but prior waiting for his new car delivery, he often drive over to the show room, admiring Dom's city (my neighbour - who is a megs fan & sold this ride to him) he was convinced that once he get this ride it has to be details

Menu for today is:-

ONR wash
mild clay with ONR as lube
Megs M80 with CCS cutting pad 2 passes (speed 2 & 1)
Megs M 80 with CCS polishing foam
NXT 2.0

Came back from Church & after visited my sis prior to get this babe detailed. 1 month plus ride, park on outside/unshaded area, wash twice a week by my aunt. as his hubby always like to see it shinning.......in resulting...swirls

at a glance, this is a nice looking ride, but under the scorching sun... ruining my insanity ....swirls

there are plenty of here & there swirls

clay, pics before

pics after, clay

pic before on the roof, swirls

better pics before

50/50 test area

pics before

pics after
nice reflections

beautifully yours #80

mama-mia after

look at the gloss & depth of #80

the clarity of #80

popping flakes

an over view
picks before side door, swirls was all over (my mini cam didnt capture well)

more swirls captured

Tatata - thanks to Megs #80

dont u just love barry & his mad team of waxtologist scientist for this great inventions

urgh...was his reactions..caused by old tees & rug

tatata- my magic portion #80

finish off with NXT + Uqd

somepics before letting the tires hitting the road again

Megs #80


this was the 2nd ride over the weekend i did ..thanks guys for viewing & pls feel free to comment, as it is most treasured by me

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