October 26, 2009


Greetings to all my MOL family & friends....thanking you advance for viewing my art...

it has been my most exciting time of life to be able to get to know so many of you (AKA detailing friends & fanatics) .... my passion has grown & detailing appetite has increased

I am glad to be in the right place & at the right time to learnt so many things, tricks of the trade of detailings....thanks for all the guidance (to all my detailing buddies)

Taking this opportunity to say a Big 'Thank You' to you all my family & friends in MOL for your encouragement & support.

Had only a little time on in the morning, (prior going to attend our church camp, wasn't suppose to details this weekend)

My obsessive compulsive discover, as swirls striking my sanity

Menu for this ride
- 2 bucket wash
- APC & multiple brushes, door jam , front & back hood
- Mild clay + onr as lube
- M80 with ccs cutting pad ( not aggresive enough)
- then M205 with CCS cutting pad r/speed 2.5/2/1.5
- finishing with ccs polishing pad r/speed 1.5/1
- NXT 2.0

This just a 6 months rides, only done 4900 KM....only used for ferrying children to school. Swirls & scratches hided well in this pearl white.......weekly wash by the domestic helper (2 buckets - neat only with water & hard scrubs) in resulting this:-

some pictures before sharing with you
initial Clay

cant believe

Mamamia- I need to lodge a police report over this abuse

another pics of abuse

yet another

this is a little scratch...which we missed out...ouchh......

Thanks Barry & his mad team of waxtologist scientist for creating Gold class Tar remover....absolutely wonderful product...initially i didnt like it, for not knowing how to use...left too long to dry & scrubing with brushes...sorry i have repent....well i have learnt the hard way

too wonderful to use, just spray wipe on & off

more duringMegs Gold class Tar remover Pics

This scarred the paint...anyboby can advise me how to remove this, i have actualy remove with Gold class

given any driver, this will be ok, satisfied....what everyday driver wants......clean & nice

My wife actually says lets packed & get going

But for a car lovers...NOPE......screaming "H E L P !!!!!"

ruining my sanity

more to make me mad

more & more

the moment I open, the bonnet......more...to upset me

i can bear with the dust but not the engine oil stains

stains marks the hood

left unwashed


SOME closer Pics BEFORE

ruining my sanity


does anyone know there is always a tool for everything

Some 50/50 test area

more 50/50 area

last 50/50 area

Thanking all my MOL buddies for showing my how to do it correctly

some pics after, the magic of M205/R/speed 2-1.5-1

more after pics

i just love the glow done by M205

look at the shine & gloss

more of M205 my newest portion of magic

Yupp M205 does it well, very well infact

good stuff from Megs

Mama-mia now

Now i am happy driving it around

More pics...more glittering shots

more glittering shots

more glittering shots

more glittering shots

final pic

sorry for not able to do more sunny shot, as we late & begs have not packed yet....comment & feed back always cherished by me...pls tell me, how you would have done it...advice to share

Thanks Guys for cheering me where I am today...gratefully yours

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