October 19, 2009

Toyota Caldina detailed - fastest production car

The Caldina is Toyota's best car out right now, a 17 inch standard rims (but the owner has an 18inche now), Xenon headlight (Discharge lamp), ABS, TCS, private & UV cutting glass, Recardo bucket seats, it has AWD, tip tronic and 2.0 260hp turbocharged 3sgte to power it, which makes it Toyota's fastest production car right now. With the discontinuation of celica, the Caldina was one of sportiest Toyota models in Japan For the price, no other turbo 2.0 can match the price and reliability of a 3sgte engine. Beauty cant be resisted, even a group of American is signing a petition to start bringing Caldina's over to US shores.

for those of you who is interested, kindly check out http://www.petitiononline.com/3sgteCal/petition.html

Cooks recommendations
This is a 6 years ride, park in non shaded & was neglected by the previous owner. the paint was badly oxidized, white color became yellow, non glossy & non reflective. The clear coats almost non existed. Head lamp was cloudy & yellowish. I saw a lot of work but the owner was very kind & cheering us up, even bought us breakfast, lunch & teas.

Menu for the day
- 2 Buckets sys (wash by the owner, kind to prepare for me)
- Mild Clay & ONR as lube
- quick wipe down

Main course
- Megs M105 with CCs cutting pad (almost 3-5 passes on each panels)
- IPA wipe down, proceed to
- Megs M80 with CCs Polishing pad

- Megs NXT 2.0

APC on all door jams & side archs with many brushes

Pics Before

after clayed

Some pics before to share with you
dullness on the paint

plenty of stains

Yellowish Head lamp

the loss of gloss, between the paint & interior

look at the gloss, between the interior & outside paint

I pointed out to the owner as the upper 1/4 panel was respray, as some orange paint visible, and different tone, he was shocked, as he being a car aircond guys & calling a fellow body shop to view prior purchase

visible sign of petrol marks & stains


Pics before door jams

fingers nails scratches here & there

look at the abuse & neglection

Water marks stains all over the body, making the white not appealing at all

50/50 area set for testing

my Magic portion

after M105



over view of my test area,
had a quick discussion with the owner on the corrected panel & the correction

pics of corrected area

paint getting clearer after M 80

another area 50/50 on the induct hood area

done with M 105, gloss restored

trying to get a 2d shot, on the induct hood area 50/50

that's the 2nd test area....each about 4-5 passes, with rotary speed 2.5-2-1

look at the reflection

another 50/50

Driver side door 50/50 test

50/50 with M 105

border view

tatatata...the finish work of M105

another before shots



pics before

pics after

neglected & badly oxidized paint

Pics before corrections

pics after corrections

another 50/50 area

50/50 area

look at the badly oxidized, neglected by the previous owner as he owned a few savvy car

pics before

pics after

50/50 test area near fuel cap

pics before


50/50 pics after corrections

pics prior corrections

50/50 pics after corrections

pics before

pics after

50/50 pics

Head lamp corrections - my new magic portion Plastic X
there is some clear coat found peel while working on this area & i had a chat with the owner & discussing the risk of removing this paint from the plastic, as this is what our body shop does, painting a layer of clear coat on the plastic. when it is oxidize, its makes the plastic more yellowish

setting 50/50 area


pics of corrected head lamp

right side corrected pics

finale - just before the tires hit the road again

carefully hand applied Last touch

mama-mia the gloss restored again by Megs M80

reflection came back

the depth & white reappears again

a typical malaysia aircond service centre

the power behind the wheel 260hp turbocharged 3sgte

HKS air filter

it was 9 hours X 2 man, working only on the exterior

we work from Dawn to dusk
but enjoying any moment

as i looked back, i miss every encounter & hand on this ride,
there were many moment, i actually stop & ask the owner to take a good look of 50/50 area & reluctantly

this is not water or dampness, but the gloss of M 80

look at the transformations by megs

this not damp nor mist but the gloss of M 80

mamamia, thanks to Barry & his mad teams of scientist

look at the M80 mamamia oily & glossy

it tells u all

i Like it

GT four

18inches wheel

full recaro seats

pics after

remember the Pics before

thanks for taking your precious time to view, this has been one of my most enjoyable detailing
. as i have a feeling, when i handled back the car to the owner, i was like as though giving the bride away....my heart yearn after her, as i cared & groomed her to be where she was suppose to be...

Comments & critic is most welcome...thanks for your detailing ship


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