August 12, 2009

ac schnitzer BMW Just detailed

AC Schnitzer ACS3 Sport

This is 2005 ac schnitzer E46Bimmer

The BMW E46 series clearly reflects its leading role in the field of mid-range saloons. This generation of the BMW 3-series is more a combination of driving dynamics and safety than its predecessor. The AC Schnitzer ACS3 series supplements this with special performance: in both acceleration and braking. On the Nürburgring or the Champs-Elysées.

closer inspection after wash

Cleaning Process:

Wash with Two Bucket Method & claying the whole car

Another 2 hours with APC, Cleanning wheels & tires , wheels arch, Engine compartment & hood, rubber & vinyl

Mequiar's Gold class Tar remover

then moving on to the interior & upholstery & cleaning the leather seats, detailing with Aloe
Mequiar's Gold interior

4 Litres of waters & 8 hours toilet free
How I did it? it was a hot sunday afternoon, i estimated at least 32-34 degree celcius, started off cleaning, prep & polishing....change 3 t is just work work & sweat sweat & sweat..............But it is the most enjoyable car i ever did

2 buckets was Before claying & After clayed

A couple pictures of the wheels cleaning process

Engine Detailed
Before after

before After

A closer inspection after car wash
plenty of swirls, Domestic helper cleaning, scrub all your heart out including the clear coat

A closer look, deep scratches & acid rain spot & stained pain

Compounding progress, before & After

Swirls, before After

Swirls, before After

Scratches, before After

Deep scratches paint restore & Deep scratches removed

Beautifully yours

Elegantly Yours

Deep reflective paint

Thanks for viewing

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