July 12, 2015

Stunning results of BMW F10 M5 after 4 years OPTI coating

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BMW M5 F10 Paint Correction and protection ... was done way back in 2012.....

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click here to read more on : BMW M5 F10 Paint Correction and protection with Opticoat
I detail this monstrous ride 4 years ago and the coating has past test

I was called back to detail another ride and i cant help but tahing a close look of this babe

the car was not wash nor QD by me prior taking this picture
not edited and Photoshop-ed
no enhancement
taken by my 5 years old P&S camera (lense was refix after a major drop)

i even documented the video of how the water behavior on the coating after all these years

will be uploaded shortly

please continue …….to view

this is awesome how the paint looks like in this monstrous ride after all these years

mind you having sup ed up more to almost 700 BHP....very very fast

please click here to view the video

the photo

look at the beading

this is another video of a brand new X5 not coated nor protected after being wash down by Power clean

please click here to view the Video

More adds on…….. CF front bumper lips…styled by schnitzer

More grills styled

More lips

Remember this picture

Tada…. Up and coming X 5


Tada….coming soon X 5

my old faithful 2nd canon S95 camera

the coatong stood the test of time and speed ....much more it still beads away the water .....also contaminations

thank you for viewing yet another of my detail
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