May 15, 2012

BMW M5 F10 Paint Correction and protection with Opticoat by KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

The Ultimate M5 BMW F10 detail and Opti coat by KC

We drove off before dawn to reach to detail this awesome ultimate M5....

A dream ride

ladies & gentleman presenting you the first Ultimate M5 ...and opti coat......

Looking at this beautifully crafted state of Art - driving Machine - is breathless

2 weeks ago

She must be HOT - a total of 12 inter coolers & coolers locate the front of the bumper 

The Colour looks awesome

only dust stains from rain

bugs stains

2 ways to dealt with - never uses aggressive remove/cleaning esp on the paint - 2ndly the acid juice stains will certainly sticks well, try Alien Clean

2 x Twin Tail helps this monstrous to deliver 560 Bhp 

the huge 20" wheel

6 pots piston brake calipers

resulting enormous brake dust 

thumb of the rule when you are not doing ONR wash (washing the most contaminated parts of the ride 1st - to minimized dirt & brakes asbestos particle migrations)
cos these dust will be flown everywhere when is been sprayed on with high pressure jet, unlike washing with ONR these brake particle will be wipe away

just look at all the details


it has been prep prior delivered

after careful inspection for area of Need
I move on to the wheels - while my partner prep the body

Simply agitate with Alien Clean 1:3 water

ta da

a microfiber brush - required for a narrow spokes like these 

further cleaning 


agitate with Alien clean 

further cleaning by soft bristle hair brushes

something looks familiar

anti rust stains

ta da



moving on to tail pipe

Secret artillery 

brush off

moving to the bottom

look at the enormous bones that flexes those muscles

even plate holder is detail

remember when this - breathless moment

upon seing the hood & the above signal

did you just happen to notice that there is a lint of thread got stuck at signal side, most probably is those cotton cloth use for drying after the last wash. when these cotton fibers dries it collapse and twist together and becomes hard, remember our paint is very delicate and can develop scratches quite easily by these scratches! obvious is it not noticeable but they definitely scuff and scratch the paint nonetheles/overtime. Recommendation of a fequent MF chane will be good

once my buddy finish washing the car and cleaning the paint - with Optimum No rinse wash & Alien clean to remove further contaminant, follow by outer paint de-contaminations 

now the paint is clear 

dont be fool by off focus picture

the real
what is seen far away good - seen clear under proper lightings

we notice the paint is soft and a deeper issue found on

huge and plenty of water marks patches

thats show how new and expensive cars are not even spares (it is just like cancerous - spread and kills & destroy) 

as this is a CBU - unit ( a long way from homeland)
the least we want is to endangered the factory painted coat. We carefully leveled the paint with OHC with Optimum Double sided wool pad. After many attempts and careful correction - we Move on add an additional layer of coat back to the paint - Opti Coat

the damage before 



after paint corrected

cross check with sun light

a proper wash & inspection done prior opti coat

after the gloss been brought back

ta da

what a lovely day

ta da the real picture

finally ready for the life time protection*

rear difusser 


look at the beautiful vinyl protection

look at the rear 

something looks familiar

remember the anti rust stains before

after alienised

Glossiness restored

An additional Coat now protecting this ultimate ride - a more chemical & bugs resistant 



the details

personalized detail

Luxurious interior – after detail - protected & condition by Opt Leather protectant

UV protection – silky instead of oily finish, 

ultimate interior

be my guest.......I wish


ultimately ta da


and now after protected by opticoat

Thanks to Zul our beloved friend for this rare & awesome opportunity to detail your Ultimate Machine and all the wonderful hospitality shown to us

Specially dedicate to my buddy Seech, the one who endure & complete the task with Joy

Doc G to all the credit

Thank you guys to view yet another detailing trails of Seech & KC again
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If you were taught rinseless washing first you'd be asking questions like: why are you wasting so much water, and how do you get around the whole car quickly without waterspots.


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