July 6, 2013

Lambroghini Just Detail at Detailien Hives

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make
Counted very blessed again to be able to do a quick turn around for this bull.....a master piece from Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A

my first bull detailing many many years ago

Ferruccio Lamborghini, the man who would found Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini S.p.A. in 1963

and so Lamborghini's wealth allowed him to cultivate a childhood interest in cars,although he was fond of the Ferraris, but considered them too noisy and rough to be proper road cars, likening them to repurposed to track cars, happen to owned many many sports car.....

for rest of it Car detailer: Lamborgini detail by KC

He discovered that the clutch on his Ferrari was broken, and actually was the same clutch that he used on his tractors, Lamborghini went to Ferrari and asked for a better replacement. Ferrari responded, saying that he was just a tractor maker, and could not know anything about his ferrari car!

when you pushes a man off the cliff, Mr Lamborghini decided to pursue an automobile manufacturing venture with the goal of bringing to life his vision of a perfect grand tourer.

upon arrival.....

our client went overseas for quite some time, and left his car in his garage and specifically ask nobody to touch! as he knew the damages already inflicted upon his car by so many car wash and his driver washing.........improper method and techniques, contaminates clothes and sponges creates lot of marring on his car. 

Finally, we get to do some major detailing and he will maintain his car from now onward.......this is a guide written for all car detailing /owner /enthusiast.....a manual to bring any bull out from Lamborghini

none other than 

a refined grand touring car to compete with rest of the top marque

bull with dust

more dust


Spiderman where are you ? why do left your webs on the bull??

more spider webs.....is it aka as Swirls???

dusty interior

uncared alcantara suede


elegant emblem of the bull

Begin washing with Alien Car wash - MF cloth and dry with 2 MF cloth

Deeper cleaning - of emblem , cracks, door jams, wheels, wheel archs, grills and mesh by Alien Power clean dilutes with 1:3 and aggitate with brushes

Surface preps 
Clay with Alien No rinse wash (the cheapest and most affordable QD & Clay lube) 40cents for 500ml

ONR Wash prior/after paint corrections (* if paint is in good condition - skip proceed on next)

Final inspection prior LSP (prior protection such as Sealant - OOS or Wax applications)

Maintenance - * the most important is the weekly wash - the damages inflicted so commonly and so frequently- almost gone without a slight trace of evidence......... wash with proper PH Neutral shampoo - correct techniques - new Microfiber (replace every 3 months)

or else back to where it is before....damage state

cleaning begins


more cleaning on the rear

my cleaning companion

cleaning super head lamp aka head detailing

cleaning at wheels

cleaning on rubbers

more cleaning on side vent grills

now you see


ta da

it was so swift - as only requires 10 minutes to put on the OOS opti seal and top up with the easiest effortless and effective wax (Alien Car Wax)

Interior of the bull


the door

the top

the rear


another bull ready for a run

it is the regular maintenance that maintain your car health and not what ever or whoever applies on

if you would allow your Iphone samsung HTC to be wipe by kakak....why should we allow the untrained and uncared to handle our ride .....so as usual we provide a bottle of Alien No rinse wash to the owner to maintain his car if he doesnt have time and requires much effort

Rise up the ownership .............

coming up

a lambroghini Squadra Corse specialized team special limited design motorsport GT3, the Super Trofeo series....driving machine next

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