July 6, 2013

ALIEN COAT Jaguar XJL @ Detailien Hives

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make
Brilliant to drive a Jaguar XJL

SOS..attacked by birds dropping

requires lots of attentions on such a huge wheel

pleanty of dut particles

more bombardment


baby grenade

the collections

time to bath the Jag

more exterior and jams to be cleaned 

minor scuffles and scratches found everywhere

bit wearing out leather seats that need rejuvenation

Need some TLC

elegant carpet need some tlc

endless rings of metallic trim and of control shapes

dusty blower vent

A stunning interior sets the big Jaguar XJL Portfolio apart from other high-priced sedans

but some TLC required

some oily residues need to be removed prior protectant to be applied


interior cleaning begins

after some stains removed

more boot detailing

elegant looking interior but massive work requires

now you see


gear shifter knob (trun and not twist) stirred but not shaken

comes with state of the art sound system

stains on the door panel on a light interior

Side steps guard cleaning 

scuffles of stains before


more stains before

during alien clean




paint corrections began 
with surface preps

ANR as lube as TLC clayed

more side

now you see

scuff/rids before


before ...contaminants


remember before

bee fore

ta da


clarity and glossiness restored



ta da

elegantly yours

final inspection prior alien coating installed

final inspection prior alien coating installed

careful inspection prior paint protection applied aka Alien Coat

presenting to you 

Fit for the knight

after leather treated

electrically adjustable and heated front seats are equipped with a 10-minute massage function

be our guest

ta da


before engine starts

after engine starts the gear shifter just pop ups
State of the art design

engine running

when engine turn off

locked - maybe ensuring no croach

elegantly yours

protecting the horse by Alien Coat 

Ops I mean a jag

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