June 1, 2012

RM 450,000 custom Teutul Sr is the founder of Orange County Choppers (OCC) for Malaysia Chooper

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

I got this rare chance of being up close & personal with ......this special lady

The 1Malaysia Chopper is adorned with beautiful images, including those of the National Flag, the Petronas Twin Towers and the National Flower (hibiscus). This ‘designer’ bike was ordered by Tourism Malaysia at the cost of RM450,000 (US$150,000).

Teutul Sr is the founder of Orange County Choppers (OCC), being featured in the popular Discovery Channel documentary American Chopper in which he, his family members and friends show how motorbikes are customised.

The 1Malaysia Chopper is a type of motorcycle either modified (chopped – hence its name) from an original motorcycle design or built from scratch to have a handcrafted appearance.

look at the detail....doesnt it remind you of ....DAYA BUMI building


this is actually the disc rotor

 look again at the twin tower
its the oil cooler

the coolest i ever seen

he is genius

custom tail piping

certainly Made in USA


malaysia truly asia

the custom sprocket

the final details

the detail

the sxy cruvy body

and and

and and 

I got .....aa

see u at New york




after shooting  this bike & 

 informing me that i have just won 2 Super GT Malaysia tickets  final of Round 3 @ Sepang International Circuit, 9 and 10 of June 2012


see you at Super GT next weekend

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