June 3, 2012

brand new Volkwagen golf Delivered with paint damaged & corrected + protected by OPTI COAT the Detailien

Its a wonderful & bundle of joy when we collect our keys for our new rides

upon collecting your new babe home

My buddy had in mind to gives his investment a coating for protection

appointment were make and 

upon inspection ....under a halogen lamp

wah low yeah - aka OMG!!!!!

at the centre pillar

what happen!!!!

the side door

beneath the door handle

the amounts of scratches on a new ride!!!!!! what happen

some of them even have water spots damaged

when is zoom in - close up 

esp the catchment of the dive in boot like F10

even the exotic ///M are not spared

a little oreintation
How it is store in transits - 1-2 months journey

Peugeot cars await shipment to Italian dealers at the port of Civitavecchia

Imported cars stored at Sheerness open storage area awaiting delivery to dealers

Thousands of new cars are stored on the runway at the disused Upper Heyford airbase near Bicester, Oxfordshire


most of all are covered in segambut 

ta da

oooppsss...unless we have this 
Nissan Maxima + BMW 7 + BMW M3 + Lamborghini + Toyota Supra = Transformer

hahahaahahahahhahaa....self protection actuation...like my bumper Z

From production plant - storage lot - transit - journey - arrived at our Port - storage - sent out to the states distributors - show room & service centre * could be more, 
if this ride is wash at every alternate stops....it will be tremendous damaging - esp ppl who work behind the scene....
Most of our SA would offer this ride a free polish prior delivering this ride

some brick you may used to build house - evidence

so the rescue work begin, 

After a good good bath by optimum Car shampoo + 30 ml of Alien clean to wash and strips away 

followed by Decontamination - removing all outer paint coat contamination & residue prior paint leveling & corrections 

more uncared & detail area - in door jams

after alienised

side steps before

after alienised by alien clean and protected by Optimum Leather protectant

passenger side before

after alienised by alien clean and protected by Optimum Leather protectant

passenger side

after alienised by alien clean and protected by Optimum Leather protectant

remember before

after Alienised & clean by 

"you need bricks to built house "Sherlock Holmes 

whitish stains - lotions stain

It may look like headaches to others but with opti clean it is simply EASY Effortless & effective

engine was Opti clean

this when it was made

after paint decontamination, the car were carefully inspected - and documented for any damaged
we found 

engine hood - scratched and damaged 

with great thanks to Doc G for his newly prototype MF pads

side fender before - minors scuff & scratches

ta da after Alienised by OPT Hyper Polish 

after the paint is corrected & leveled 
we check the every parts of the paint under sun light by 3 of us - ensuring every-part is corrected 

closer shots

it was wash again prior opti coating for good

our beloved master detailer Seven dust

ta da - the actual 

this is the finishing picture after opti coat

again - side looks

Ladies and gentleman - presenting you a brand new ride

centre pillar before

now after corrected & protected by opti coat 

even the wheel is detail and opti coated 

close up

remember the long heart breaking scratched

ta da



from this before

ta da

after opti coat

it was another of those hot day out

ta da

the roof

thanks for the viewing yet another detailing trials of the detailiens

thank you

rear look

OPTI COAT just enhance the glossiness, the clarity & New definations is define at its best again
Malaysia Detailing Guru
016 220 9227



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Nice work as always, KC!
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Re: Why Newly CBU cxar delivered with damage - corrected and protected

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used the pic from the italian peugeots to post a word about it on facebook cause i had a kind of a fight with a dude that bought the new peugeot 508 (or 5008 or whatever its "name" is. the big sedan). 
never saw a polisher in his life, but suddenly he is an expert and can tell that his car just came from the factory and theres no chance it needs correction. 
so i posted: "here, this is..." blahblahblah... "can you find your brand new pug on the pic?" 

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Re: Brand new CBU Golf delivered with paint damaged - restore & Opti Coat by Detailien

Looks real good!
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Re: Brand new CBU Golf delivered with paint damaged - restore & Opti Coat by Detailien

The Optimum Hyper Polish i

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