May 14, 2012

Why car wash damages your car paint !!

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

 foam wash by road side car wash in malaysia


A regular part of car maintenance is something as simple as a car wash. While you are driving around, take a look at how many people have extremely dirty cars. It is very surprising that many people do not keep up with this simple maintenance technique. A car is an investment for many people, and yet some people will not even get their car washed. A car wash can be done your self or train your helpers to do it. Having it done by someone else should not cost you more than a paint work ......

and it will definately cost more than a paint work when you send it to a road side car wash

a well detailed car ..... 

and our car paint suppose to last as long as your car lasting...

3 months later

how can it became worn out & damaged in just 90 days (once a week wash - while having breakfast on sat morning)

check out the whole story here & how i did my wash

Car detailer: Optimum no rinse wash to test by KC (wash 2 car & waxed 1 in 60 minutes challenge)

nice foam bubble aka SNOW WASH Boss

it must be winter - snow flakes

good - do you not know, how do they magically clean up yr white car so white...i happen to wait for fellow forumer & shock that they did it so openly

sabun fab - aka powder clothing detergent

nicely massage on to the paint - with a sponge that never wash or rinse (the fume when they clean the wheel - suffocates me while standing beside it taking pics)

the first 2 thing:-
driver still sitting in the car with running engine (under sunny day) 
the hood is hot & the wheel is hotter & suddenly comes SNOW...danger to wearing out both car paint coat & wheels coat....brakes may get heat up to 200-300 degree Celsius
splashes of jet sprayed water & aggressive cleaner - help to shorten the life spent 

more shocking - some medium & expensive car even lining up ...for a wash like these

Using Dish washing liquid like glo or cleanmaid is bad as because they dry out our car's paint. If you want to remove old wax you should use a regularly ....and it may cause damaged your clear coat

[COLOR="rgb(0, 0, 0)"]There 2 great danger -in using a wrong detergent for a car wash[/COLOR]

a very good article - A deadly rinse: The dangers of hydrofluoric acid
Do its cleaning virtues outweigh its many risks?
The brittle, discoloured fingernails will give away any detailer who's been using an HF solution - without protective gloves - use in cleaning the car , engine or wheels. HF is not like other highly corrosive acids. Mix it with equal parts of water (as many overzealous operators ), spill a little on your unprotected hand and you won't even feel any pain as it begins to burn through your skin, searching for the calcium in your bones. 

many of such chemical found in these snow wash foam, as widely premixes in a 30-40-gallon drum and run through a air pressure pump, as a pre-rinse. although it has the ability to remove loose traces of foam polish wax, shine glass and chrome, reduce streaking and neutralize the pH on vehicles that have just been through an alkaline pre-soak and washed with reclaim water. 

imagine Without the agitation or friction of brushes, cloth or other type of physical contact, many touchless operators feel that the only way to loosen road film is to use a pre-soak that has been spiked with a healthy dose of hydrofluoric acid.

if used in Full-strength, it is used to etch glass. In a dilute solution, it removes acid rain spots from windshields and puts a showroom-like shine on glass.

HF burn covering less than 2 percent of your body can kill you. And you probably won't even know you're in danger until it's too late. 

another chemical found in these detergent is SLS

So why is a dangerous chemical like sodium laureth sulfate used in our car shampoos?

The answer is simple - it is cheap. The sodium laureth sulfate found in most of our cleaners is exactly the same as you would find in a car wash or even a garage, where it is used to degrease car engines.

In the same way as it dissolves the grease on car engines, SLES also dissolves the oils on your skin, which can cause a drying effect. It is also well documented that it denatures skin proteins, which causes not only irritation, but also allows environmental contaminants easier access to the lower, sensitive layers of the skin.

In the end it can cause more damage than what you were trying to clean in the first place. This means no laundry detergent for bubble bath.

Originally Posted by bmw7833 View Post
I always shock to see the owners let the workers to wash their car while the disc brake still hot with non stop running engine.

the danger & warning - recommended by all car care company - never wash yr car under the sun & hot (as the soap dries up before you can have enough time to rinse off & if it is done under the sun that cause water marks too) water marks usually can only be corrected by polishing off or compounding 

when we drive out our vehicle for a wash , we always wanted it to be as quickly as possible- hardly we have time to wait to cool down our ride - both body paint & wheels is hot - & imagine the splashes of cold water - with power pressure jet spray on yr engine hood & wheels - is the both extreme .... why risking our ride to this harsh environment & is not good long term

back at home - we take leisure to do it, to me this is therapeutic, i love to splash water - just an example - back at home we are very careful in washing our dishes - using la AMway, COsway or Myway dish liquid detergent -

if we patronised any road side stall - chances are they wouldn't be using this, as it is not cost effective, i have seen many scrubbing with green cloth(scotchbrites) with cap HARIMAU powder la, take a look at some of this acrylic utensils - worn off & chips, wear down - the issue of ownership

our paint is just 2 mil of an micron thick (as thick as a cigarette wrapper) this clear coat is very thin & must handle with care - esp bimmers...cos when this fail our paint will be damaged...

here is some of the common clear coat failure - mostly to do with road side car wash

world map

closer pic

my friend send his car regularly

prevention is always better than cure

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