December 5, 2011

Malaysia Car Detailing Guru - To be a professional car detailer

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

to be or not to be?

Rotary polisher are best to be removed scratches, swirls and compounding marks left behind from the inexperienced (previous hacker) BUT also the worse in ruining one is highly recommended that rotary polishing should be only handled by experienced detailers only.
is this the right way to handle a power tool?

we cover the Basic Handling Techniques .... & remember with a high tourque level are dangerous like any other power tool

may results -
Over-extension, repetitive motions, high forces Vibration
Slips – when on improper footing, even Trips – trailing cables, Chemical hazards from cleaning solutions, electric shock

Confucius sayings "knowing oneself & knowing your enemy - will win the battle"

congrats to the 5 new owner -

unwrapping their new baby..... just like gift from above

master seech begins the class with - study of paint damage, swirls infliction

RIDS.....random isolate deep scratches???? remedy for restoration

eg. how would you clear this 1500 grit sanding marks

close up

master seech carefully showing the right techniques of handling the machine

how by using just the new optimum double side foam pad & optimum hyper spray POLISH ....enabling him to do the job

at work


ta da


mirror finish again

how from this

now ta da

Later we move on to paint study, paint damages,

the root caused of clear coat paint failure mostly by paint poor preps job & road side car wash (harsh chemicals)

sanding marks prior painting - resurface after paint cured

a very common scene here
boils down to poor preps prior painting -

look at how factory paint still remain good on top of the worn out CC paint

Less is more - if we handle it well shouldnt be repainted

the secret of handling the machine is

practice - cords behind yr shoulder, always starts at the minimum speed & gradually increase...the max is to speed 3 - 1200 will be sufficient for tropics climate like us - as our paint melts under the extreme equator lines....

remember the secret is to keep your pad all times

thanks to the brilliant magic portion of Doc G

it has been another wonderful time of lesson & knowing so much new friends

Our little effort in sharing our knowledge to trains others in car detailing..... thanks to Master seech who came & taught us

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Civic-R (Yesterday), DarkAccoon (Yesterday), Dayline668 (Yesterday), ehdrian (Yesterday), eohl79 (Yesterday), s1tl (Yesterday), TitanRev (Yesterday), V53 (Yesterday)
A million thanks to all our our great buddies here for all your cheers & support along the way

Originally Posted by eohl79 View Post
Very good detailing clinic from sifu KC and legendary seech. Still have plenty to learn. Million thanks KC again!
Hi Edmund
Thanks for coming again, its really a great pleasure to have in our class, I am glad u had a good time mingling around with so many your new friends

Originally Posted by s1tl View Post
Hehehe why I wasn't inform! I can help out maaaa
no worries
Let me know if u are doing one up north & we will be there

Originally Posted by ss12b View Post
if KC conduct training again in KK I sure fly over this time..don wan 2 miss out
No worries if time permits.....i had many many students fly from KK, KCH

Originally Posted by BeCool View Post
Finally got my first polishing power Tool Makita from Guru KC!!
and learn all the detailing step too!

Really Thank You so much Guru KC!!!
Thanks for ur golden time teaching us all the techniques in order to achieve the perfect result!!!

I always wondering how people done the compound n polish. And which step first follow by which step.

Finally, I know~ haha

Hi Be cool, you are always welcome & I am glad to know you.....needn't to worship me...I am just like you with just a little patience & plenty of Passion.....

Dont Stop here...bring this out & share with your friends & relative

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Re: Simply amazing - to good to be true????

Looks like you have a great class going on there. Super work on the sanding marks, looks perfect.
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Re: Simply amazing - to good to be true????

KC's, looks like you are helping out a new generation of detailers
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Re: Simply amazing - to good to be true????

Very nice KC! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.

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Re: Simply amazing - to good to be true????

Learn - Do - Teach..... Awesome -

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Very nice to see you teaching the craft.
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Re: Simply amazing - to good to be true????

Awesome! May I come to visit? It is getting TOO cold here!

Edit To Add: Actually, I plan to be in Singapore (two days), KL (a day or two) and Bali (three or four days) in February...

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