November 13, 2011

New car delivery collection - Warning & Tips...Malaysia Detailing Guru KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

Nothing hides under the light!!!!

My buddy call me many times to ask & enquires how to car for his new car & i specifically reminds him to collect his black car under the bright noon day sun but he only managed to do it at 11pm, happily driving home, telling himself not to go for any road side car wash.

soon he wanted to wash at wee hours in the morning - a night mare he carefully admiring his car & he was in a shocked ... to all those damaged, swirls up, later in the day the hologram pictures that he sees in my blog found in his newly delivered car.....

very very sad indeed ...... car is probably the 2nd most expensive investment after our house!!! Grieving to see your new ride

in pain the new morning he shoot this


on a newly unwashed just delivered car

almost the whole car has hologram

simple conclusion

this new car although is new but it has been already assmbled & usually in the open garage, waiting from the manufacturing plant to be delivered out to the state distributors/HQ and to be redelievered to the branch.. the whole process usually takes 2-3months (under those circumstances it is wash by uncared worker (that is usually paid RM 2-3 per car wash)

close up & study carefully the cuts found on the paint

and out of this most black car is not delivered under a noon day sun, this car then was sent to a detailer...but he did a whacked job....scrapped off more paint from buffing the paint by the untrained hands & not properly lighted place

Imagine difting car tires marks squeaking on your paint!!!!!

after 7 hours correction


ta da

be informed & explaine to your friends if they are collecting the car

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