November 15, 2011

Key Scrath car paint abuser

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one of the most wonderful friends i ever known, my friends mum who cook for me & pack for my wife.... while i detail her ride!!! who has the heart to Shepheron an elderly couples (without children ), who cooks for them & care for them.... & when i saw the car today

my goodness!!!!

damm sakit hati (AKA Heart ache) when I heard my friends e60 factory baked paint scratches from bonnet to the roof & bumper

she parked her ride in her own lot & discovered this

damm cruel.......what have the ride or the owner has to do to deserve such a thing

just plain cruel....

look at the scratches

the rear bumper

it cost so much damaged to the ride, environment, value & time !!!!

how can it happen? I wonder what is the building security for.........!!

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