November 6, 2011

Car detailing enthusiast of Malaysia - how to turn your car better than new

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

Congrats to Leng who jon our last sat detailing class & off he fly
Alright, here's my 4 solo rambo hours to get the months long water spots off my white ride... it was ridiculously hard to remove the tight hinges and runs...
i didn't get to take much before pics... kinda excited to get started with it...
user   posted image

i start to think that this is gonna take so much time...
user   posted image

here's my tools, 1 x toothbrush, 2 x paint brushes, 1 x OPC (1:3), 1 x h2o, 1 x microfibre towel
user   posted image

this is what that got me continuing with the rest of it
user posted image

this is one tough hinge to clean... the toothbrush oso quite hard to fit behind it...
user   posted image

user   posted image

notice the little hole there... once u agitate it, lotsa dirt come gushing out from it...
user   posted image

squeeky clean runway... hehe... so clean that you can lick it...
user   posted image

nice x100000
user   posted image

Very very very nice
Thanks for sharing & i know it takes alot of sweat & hard work

but it pay off to know yr car look like new.....there is a saying goes

Everything has master card but thing like these cant be purchase - PRICELESS MOMENTS

Thank for sharing with us - our heart felt gratitude
ONCE again Impossible is nothing, Just do it as! everyone can detail!!!

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