paint before at the badly scratched hood - ask those who where there - pleanty of rids scuff & swirls

a 50/50%

1st of its kind in Malaysia - ladies & gentleman - OPTIMUM Double side pad
another great invention by DOC G

works great with OHC & OHC - just with 2 steps & a wool compound & a pad finish - ta da

ta da

ta da

sun test sun test

many shouted & chanted

started 2 hours theory session - as it was suppose to be partly seech -

went thru the basic & detail of paint analogy

Break- had the best nasi lemak in Cheras - Taman muda market

continue on the 1st demo car

& 2 X 11 seater vans detailing ( will up load & share with you soon - i believe seech had more pic & so does some of you )

the many hands help & make the load easy

polishing by one of the 8 yrs old boy

then opti seal -ing

master Harold on hard to reach area with ROB

KC Junior

ice man god son at detailing -

even young apprentice attracts others younger apprentice


i wanna it now

remember what you saw just

look again

my 1st ladies participant who went on rotary hands on - engine detailing & sealing & waxing & she has a heart of gold - stayed till the end

if they could - you too could

Nothing is impossible as everyone can fly

No more KC pls help me to detail - KC pls do it soon

I have shown & share again - every can......nothing is impossible to whom who believe - just a step of faith - as you saw with yr eyes

Congrats to SSMAN for his new detailing tool & you had to leave as you continue back at home & sunday as well

thanks for all of you who came & we enjoy another round of sowing into the lives of these little ones

always sweet ...always blessed to give.....
Master KC explaining the theory behind paint correction:

Claying technique:

Prepping the panel for the 50/50:

Products used, Optimum Hyper Compound and Optimum Hyper Polish:

Rotary with wool and Optimum Hyper Compound followed by the brand new double sided Optimum foam pad and Optimum Hyper Polish:

Next section done with just the double sided Optimum foam pad and Optimum Hyper Polish to demonstrate the difference in cut between compounding and polishing:

Impressive results....


After polishing only, no compounding:

After compounding and polishing. VERY IMPRESSIVE:

Sealing with Optimum Opti-Seal and protected with Optimum Car Wax:

The 'demo' car completed:

In full sun just to make sure. No holograms! Very impressive results considering the compounding and polishing were done by the participants who were first time rotary users:

On to the children's home vans:

Hardcore detailing with a toothbrush!!!

All smiles after a long day:

Many thanks again to KC for organizing this. It
Thanks Seech for making possible another round of charity detailing & thanks to all of you who takes so much of your time to view & encourage

comments from participant
KC charitydetailing clinic

Postby Carpediem

as a number of guys here who signed up for the event couldn't make it, thought i would post a quick trip report.

many thanks to KC for arranging the event, and to both KC and Jack (Seech) for making the day possible and sharing their knowledge. it was an extremely enjoyable day, learnt a lot, and it was great meeting the kids at yayasan sunbeams home.

KC started the session with a brief talk about detailing, the various stages, required products and tools.

many may think once their bella has lost her previous lustre that its time for a respray, in fact its better to keep the original paint. most places won't do the necessary prep work (which can take up to 90 days, with the spraying only requiring one day), and it they don't it won't be cheap. even then most paint shops ovens don't go to as high a temperature as the factory, hence why its better when possible to keep the original paint.

KC also highlighted the shortfalls of opting for what may seem the more convenient option ie getting those muppets in car parks to snow wash your bella, but in the long term this can cause more damage to the paintwork than its worth it (not least because they run the rotatory polisher at too high an rpm which damages the paint's clear coat).

for those who want to keep their bella clean with little or no fuss, without having to get into the whole detailing thing, the easiest thing is to use the optimum no rinse wash (ONR). due to the improved surface tension its possible to wash with one microfibre and dry with another leaving no smears, all done within 20mins (easier than the current no rinse wash i'm using). for even better value, i would suggest a couple of guys buy a gallon bottle together.

then followed a hands on demo of using the rotatory polisher and correcting the paintwork. i didn't bring my coupe for the demo, so KC used Temptress' wira