It was another maniac Sunday…….fill with both fun & anxiety ……as was in a full correction detailing & Rotary Buffer hands on session

as I helped one of our forumers to acquire his fullmetal jacket (Detailing starter Kits) consisting of
Makita Rotary Buffer, Backing plate, cutting, polishing pad & Compound + Polish

So my responsible is to train ,equip and empower him….with a very limited time …within days we set it on Sundays & I happen to be stuck inbetween ……….

“when you got stuck between of Moon & New York City” the best that you can be ….is ….gone invisible……..

I hope I can but I cant…..a promise break is a promise not fulfilled……

With the heaps of pressure builds up…..the tough get tougher ……we met & start with Hands on

Begin with ONR wash – move on to Clay with ONR as lube

Intensive lesson consist of ….paint study, how to read paint damages – eg swirls, RIDs, scratches
proper washing techniques, clay, handling on Rotary – the correct way to hold the rotary,
the importance of buying & investing on a proper Machinery specifications, Important on Backing Plate – flexible or stiff, proper Padding for each correctional

How to use Rotary to level out the paint (managing the speed for each process& monitoring the level of cuts) for correcting the paint - damages - Compounding with wools pads, compounding with cutting pad, Polishing with Polishing pads & finishing finally the seal-ing & waxing

This Itliano ride look great from far away but near you will notice
Paint defect – Swirls & RIDS….

Machine Hands on begin…..wool pads cutting with Optimum Hyper Spray Compound …stepping down with LC cutting pad with Optimum Hyper Spray Compound …Final step down with Optimum Hyper Spray Polish with Polishing Pads


after paint leveling & correction

Machine Hands on begin

ta da

the arsenal that saves the car for the day

A 10 minutes of car exterior sealing – with Opti seal
A 5 minutes of wax – with the effortless easy & effective Optimum Car Wax

Ta da

Ta da

Ta da

Many thanks to our buddy for allowing us to use his premise for this training again

BTW he giving us a discount & special price on tires
one of the participants who got a brand new Inspira wanted me to detail…and I asked him to come along to see what we are doing …as much as I would like to detail his ride but I choose to empower him to learn to detail his own ride

giving him a rod rather a fish….

look at the hologram on the lids of the front left hood…..brand new car with defect paint delievered – not even sent for any polish

Birds dropping are the most acidic & corrosive treats to our clear coat paint

if delayed intervention & baked under our extreme hot weather – ta da’- permanent damaged

but I choose to train & empower all to detail their own ride..thanks to all of you who came Muz, heng, Liew, Rex, Jeff, Patrick, Ronald & yr friend, late but the champion Mr Iceman
__________________________________________________ ______________________

sorry guys for making it the most express class I ever done,as I have still got an undone battle with this Lion at the Arena

This lion make me look like kuku….as all my neighbours ask- are u done yet? Why r u not done yet? They never saw anything stayed behind & I must thank my buddy for allowing me to have my sweet time but rather sweat time to detail her

just a 2 months old ride but……….

extremely severe water marks on such a new car

with extreme lots of tars


extremely lots of stains…

a 50/50%

Only finish correction & opti coating till midnight

This is the far thus longest detail done in 2 days - a total 25 hours of details

Stay tune…….for the full detail report