This is a journey - of E39 restoration journey

was the successor of the BMW E34 in 1995, and itself was replaced by the E60 platform in 2003

was introduced in 95, the complete vehicle redesign draws heavily from the E38 7 Series in body construction and electronic technology. The mid-level BMW saloon showed evolutionary styling changes rather than a dramatic redesign

The aerodynamically designed body & this is my favourite colour (Silverado - almost paint defect invisible colour, so cool - that anyone above 45 find hard to find swirls under a noon day sun & camera proof colour (shooting imperfection - is almost impossible)

Mr H .... told me I dont seems to get my car gloss - shinning ......Hmmmm...what do u say from the 1st 2 pics....indeed it is a challenge to make silver shines

read on

looking at the close up & detail

stone chips & heavily scratched bumper

pigment of imperfect paint covered beneath the clear

scratches on the engine hood

little tiger paws

more scratches on the side arch next to the engine hood- possibly (done during - repairs works)

more - pigment found beneath the clear coat paint

almost invisible scratches ( follow thru my fingers pointing)

over all the there was so much swirls on the paint (Almost impossible to pick up by Compact Camera) - as this ride was picked up at one of the 2nd hand Car dealers - probably the cleaner - spray / splash & wipe dry cleaning everyday - inflicted much much R.I.D.S randon isolate deep scratches)....I wish u were there (Mr H will elaborate more)

wheels before

contaminations picked up by clay

rear looking

beneath the back hood (door jam area) - stains

more stains

more stains at the emblem


bumper side trims - stains

door handle stains

how did I remove them ( lets divert your attention) after a good good bath (ONR ) I clayed & rewash with Power clean to remove all stains - while I am cleaning, Mr H brought out his Power steering to show Mr M . I said Power clean - HUH??????????


close up



Ta da - in 20 minutes time by MR H & Mr M witness

glossy looks



ta da

another before

side view

A new found talented detailer Mr H (the owner himself) , as his passion pushes him to try out what i recommended & his desire succeed - Car detailing is about yr Passion & carried out by your heart - thanks to the space age invention to Doc G - so strong enable to degrease & safe for interior like leather & most of all clear coat paint safe

the following magical moment - is brought to you possibly by OPC & Soft bristle detailing brush

mowing over to engine detailing

removing the rubber seals prior deeper cleaning

oil stains at the power steering reservoir tank

ta da


ta da

engine hood beneath

ta da

now after 4 hours of meticulously cleaning, moving on to paint correctional work

my favourite colour paint

but with proper & correct lighting
rids pics (almost impossible to capture by my Compact camera)

look carefully

3 " wool pad for har to reach area with 3" polishing & cutting pad

Mission - to transformed this car in next few hours

Menu & tools for the job

ONR with 3 microfibers wash

ONR as lube to clay

OPT Power clean - 1:5 water for paint cleanning, Engine & all the hards stains - shown (removed patiencely after 2 hours)

Paint correction Multi passes with m105 & LC double sided wool ( following with each interval passes with ONR as lube - as the products is still on the pads & refining passes again) I find this work prefectly for tropical country

Refining with LC cutting pad (interval or 2nd passes with ONR as lube )

Polsihing with Megs W 8027 (interval or 2nd passes with ONR as lube )

15 minutes protection - make only possible with OPTIMUM Opti seal & Optimum car wax

Engine & plastic & tire - Optimum Leather protectant

Gloss by

ta da

ta da

ta da

gloss & depth restore

look at the depth

a lots of effort for a silver to show depth

the hood

a glow - notice & capture Mr M attention

my pleasure of introducing you the restore E 39

evening sunlight




depth & gloss


ta da

sun lite

even his predecessor envy him now

left view

right view

ta da'

a 50/50% leather protectant application

its a UV coating & not a dressing - for dressing offer no heat & uVs protection

the one & only Leather, vinyl, plastic & trims protectant

thanks to Doc G - unlike the others (25 product range for a single car , optimum only have 5 - imagine the number of other product save) unnecessarily

before & after

the finishing

even the gentleman at the drink stall asked me - are you selling this ride - or is it just painted

nope it is a journey of restorations

thanks for your time & cheers again UDM

A Special thanks to Mr H for your kind hospitality & we enjoy yr detailingship

the owner
Quote Originally Posted by Mr H

Thanks for taking time to rejunevate and restore my 8 years old ride. I must admit that prior to your skillfull processes, I have never managed give my ride the gloss & shine that I wanted. Now it is so simple & easy to retain the gloss & shine and am truely a very happy customer.

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Re: The journey of BMW E39 car detailing story by KC

Always a treat to read your write ups, KC! Very nice gloss on that silver after you worked your magic!
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