January 30, 2011

Deatiling guru KC - revealing the truth of car waxing polish business again in Malaysia

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Pay to get your car whack again???? is it necessarily to get yr car polish & compound - means cutting off layers of yr clear coat??

Another time Festive celebrations - means lot of preparations AKA lot of hard work - of sweat

Spring cleaning time – upon arrival of my buddy ride, he explained that he has been sending this 2 years ride to be detail every time when there is a festive season –( once yearly????)...but is it necessarily for the car paint to be polish & corrected every time - will our clear coat 2 mil of an micron last with stand against these harshness ???? wrong hands

I questions why there is the need of paint correction every year –
He reply “ I thought it is necessarily, just like spring cleaning !!!!!! I say “What”!!!!!

Great looking black stallion

far away look

eh...some stains from yesterday rain

But closer look

rainy season la

wow.. the stains mark - def at the speed he is driving

this is the most contaminated area - dirt grime & dust pick up

3 micro fiber wash


Lesson begins - DIY please - things can be done within our means

this is what we picked

contamination - such as Dirt, Grime, tars, acid rains, brake dust & Insect Deposits - on the paint above surface

Dirt, Grime & Insect Deposits

look at how ONR traps changes the water behaviour & tensions to hold up these dirt sands & dust beneath -

such contaminant will definitely hurt yr paint

++++++++++ Moving on to the wheels cleaning - the most important area to clean +++++++++
where contaminations create from here

ta da


ta da

just a quick wash aka wipe with ONR - most owners or detailer would like an instant gratifications - so harsh chemicals or acids use to create this transformations but after a prolong time - our wheels clear coat begin to chips & peels
what we need is just a quick effective wash to remove these dust
if u do have some tar stains - try claying them

as for me i usually use the balance ONR solution with a separate MF to wash these contaminated ares

tire cleanning

OPT neat use

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++sta ins cleanning

Petrol cap area

my favourite tools - soft bristle brushes (RM 8 - aka USD 2.50) & OPT Power clean - diluted in 1:5

_++++++++++++++++++ paint condition

what u do not see

remember this Great looking black stallion

now with proper lighting

ta da paint defect - such as swirls, blur- ness, lack of defination & plenty cloudiness


twice detail & polish - ended with these


more at the side arch



side door



need brick to built a house - ladies finger nails decorative


side door



I questions why there is the need of paint correction every year – He reply “ I thought it is necessarily !!!!!! I say “What”!!!!!

He has not been with his ride while the correction is being done for the past 2 times but this time different story , as I want him to knowe what is the damage & how to restore it

Empowering - lesson begins

a 50 / 50 % area set at the engine hood

before & after compound



look at what i collect from the roof

with proper lighting


close up

I cant resist - but to stop & shoot this mirror shines

side door


the roof now

after compound before polish & finish

ta da

do u remember this pics

the truth

the way

the life

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
the owners laid his hand


bigger picture

paint redefine again

dont just take this pic at surface value as it is JUST ANOTHER reflection shots

after 8 hours of sweat & hard work


ta da


another side view

ta da


the depth

the detail

ta da

for once

to this

from these

some reflections pics


so do i use an slr or semi pro camera
nope all of my pics uses a RM 300 camera - when a well correct & detail car - details is redefine again

of such


now it is ready

my buddy has not seen his paint in these condition in fact after detail twice

as most of these detailer - asked him to be excuse - where I invite him to witness the whole proses

what we did was
ONR wash - 3 micro fibers

clay with oNR as lube (2 ounces in 500 ML)

wheels Onr wash

tire - OPC & brushes

OPC dilutes 1 :5 water for external cleanning

Paint correction

Megs M 105 wit double sided LC wool X 2 passes - spread speed 1 & polish at speed 3 - 2nd pass with ONR as lube – to rework again

Megs M 105 with LC cutting pad X 2 passes with ONR sprayed as Qd lube - gently & slowly to correct this soft paint

M80 polishing with Megs W8027 polishing pads X 2 passes - spread speed 1 & polish at speed 3 - 2nd pass with ONR as lube – to rework again

finishing M 80 with LC finishing pads – blue X 2 passes - spread speed 1 & polish at speed 3 - 2nd pass with ONR as lube – to rework again

lastly protected by Opti seal (3-4 times yearly) a bottle will last 4 applications & 10 years

strengthen with - Optimum Car wax in 10 minutes\\\so simple tht we can do it regularly without effort

Before he left I gave him a bottle of ONr + 3 plushy microfibers

handling him back the baton to care for his own car

no more excuse - no more road side as well


do u remember this pic too

look again - carefully

the truth is



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Re: Spring cleaning ???????? by KC

Nice job I love black!!


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Re: Spring cleaning ???????? by KC

Very nice job KC!

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Re: Spring cleaning ???????? by KC

Nice work..

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Re: Spring cleaning ???????? by KC

Not only do you provide excellent write-ups, but you do so


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Re: Spring cleaning

Another of KC's Super Famous Detailings.

Great job, like always.

I remember when you said that without ONR you would quit car detailing. I think you really meant without M105.

You have Spring Cleaning and we have another 4-8" of snow coming down in New York.

Next winter I'm gonna spend in Malaysia. KC, do you need help?

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Great write KC, the Toyota looks great now!

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Great work once again KC.

Your continued efforts to educate the Asian Rim on proper detailing techniques is an inspiration!!
Barry Schultz

wow love this one! shiny car!
Paint correction is addiction. Sacramento

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