January 20, 2010

Detailing your car vs respraying

I received another distress call from my Mechanic

as his car cant be sold as the paint work on the roof is 'dead' aka heavily severely oxidizes, the buyer refute the buy till this is resprayed. He actually contacted the body shop, last week when i was drop by his place, i suggest
'why not let me to resurrect it'

this was the 5th ride, after we detail 4 full size passenger van.......in 4 hours

''Dead paint'' aka ''heavily severely oxidizes''

thanks God all of my fellow fanatics detail was there side by side to goes thru this togather
Dead paint aka heavily severely oxidizes

ta ta ta to here

the front hood was not so bad but some spider attacked & left some signature there

front bonnet

claying begin Detailing fanatics Seech did the whole bonnet
Megs M105 with solo burgundy wool r/speed 1-3-2-1
wash down with ONR & dry by 2 microfibers
Megs M205 with Megs soft bun with r

NXT ed with 2.0 by hand

more 50/50 pics

ta ta ta after pics

remember before

in the process pics
after 2 passes but rids still visible

seech in megs -pedia

Seech at work
after pics

thanks for 4 pairs of hand ..got in done in 3 hours ..total 12 man hours

ma ma mia

glittering again

Menu for this ride
Quick was by ONR optimum rinseless wash & dry by 2 microfibers
Quick clay by Osren Magic clay

roof - Hitachi, Fishbonez & me
compounding with single sided wool/r speed 3 - very minimal effect
wet sanded with ungrit Megs sand paper 1500
continue with 2000 grit sand paper
Rotary/speed 3- Osren Nano Cut 1.1 - with Lake country single sided wool

continue 2nd sanding, as the oxidation is so severe & our experience detailer suggest go further, as it doesnt have paint transfers on all our wool & pads, mean to say this is repainted
continue with 2000 grit sand paper
Rotary/speed 3- Osren Nano Cut 1.1 - with Lake country single sided wool

wash down by ONR

Meguiars 205 with soft bun to polish /rotary speed 1 -2 -1 - by Fishbonez

NXT 2.0 hand wax

initial attempt
tried to compound off
[img]http://lh5.ggpht.com/_RsduO4BD4FA/S1PLg-xu5DI/AAAAAAAAFOI/duSxHTE8BbI/s800/IMG_0091.JPG[/img] but shown no different

AKA dead paint.....
At a glance Sifu hitachi, by t his experience he advises to sand off,
as this is heavily oxidizes
wet sanding begins

fishbonez megs-kipedia
Posted Rotary Buffing Write-Up (Lots of pictures) total views: 5,820

another good teacher with good teaching aids
my passion for detailng went wild after reading this thread, nearly blown my head off...tq's for sharing

self taught legendary detailer aka fishhbonez begin sand off with unigrit 1500 sand paper

ressusitation begins

master art at work

a couple more compunding passes but still alot of pittings - not much of changes

continue sanding for 2nd time
some 50/50


remember before...oxidize & pittings

now ..

mamamia again

and again


Dead paint aka heavily severely oxidizes

thank you guys for helping me to save Carbon foot print & saving the ozones again


excellently yours again



flickering again

many thanks owe to Seech - the big hearted
Hitachi - the generous & unselfish teacher
Fishbonez for his humility & dedication

thanks for coming along the way, I have learn so much ....this lesson of life will be with me for the rest of my life

thanks for your detailing -ship

Certainly your heart of GOld not only transforming cars but more over impress in our hearts

Saluting your friendship again

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