January 20, 2010

Charity detailing & detailing clinic

wanna to learn about rotary


I was moved when my fellow detailing buddy decided to organiszed a detailing session for some vehicles belonging to Yayasan Sunbeams home last Sunday the 17th of January 2010. Invitations were sent out to anyone who wanted to help out for a good cause and also learn more about detailing at the same time, open invitation was sent out to various forum members & car clubs
as we invited Some hardcore detailing gurus and other detailing professionals to help out and answer any of your detailing questions.

Don't have a lot of pictures to share with you as we had to get 4 full size vans and one car done in half a day.

Seech & Hitachi Got there early to help setup.

every sifu (artist) starting to unload their arsenal

the amount of professional stuff, overwhelm & out number all the vehicle

[b]session begin by washing all the 1st two van by [/b]

ONR - optimum rinseless wash & drying by 2 micro fibers towel

Did a quick osren magic clay

Osren AIO -
Meguiars AIO -
on 3 Makita 9227 & 1 Hitachi & 1 Bosch ROB

Hand wax by NXT 2.0 - specially applied by me
Seech showing & explaining the process

ONR rinseless wash for this huge vehicle

Legendary fishbonez

Meguairs Wheel brightener undiluted bare hand applied by sifu ....

Bm33mer trying out the rotary.

after pics,
the van had to leave immediately to send the children to music lesson

side pics

some help from these little hands come in very handy

world youngest detailer.............

This was the 2nd van pics after

closer pics

ma ma mia

admiring the depth

the next two single coated van
wash by Meguairs APC dilution spray on those hard stained area

compounded by Meguiars 105 single side wool LC
Polish by Osren AIO
Hand wax toyota by me

another by Seech

TOGT...the other guys tape...apparently this side of the door is respray & the tape was not remove

found by young detiailer JOe


another side pics

left side pics

mamamia pics

more after

the last passenger van rolling out

its dinner time for the children

ma ma mia

mama mia

some of our local Bimmer club member ride

apparently it was detail by

another legendary detailer....AKA detailing guru ride

The final project of the day. Only managed to snap a before picture before hitachi, fishbonez, seech and myself 'attacked' the paint. we will post it on the extreme makeover.

this is only possible with 7 detailers & many more children who help out
5 hours detailing 4 full size Passenger van

thanks to all the big & small hand

Special thanks to hitachi and fishbonez for their efforts and the sharing of their valuable knowledge and experience. I am sure all of us including fish's new assistants benefited and learned something new from them. Thank you also to leongts, Iceman13 and B33mEr from the Autoworld and BMWCM forums, we couldn't have gotten all this done without your valuable assistance. Hope you had a good time and managed to pick up some valuable detailing tips and experience with the rotaries.

And most of all, thanks you to sunbeams home for allowing us to organizing this event. It was great seeing all the kids happily helping out with the detailing session and it felt good to spend some time with them and help out with the home. Cheers

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