January 13, 2010

what to do in 60 minutes detailing - test results

I only had a window free time of 60 minutes to do a quick detail.

Mission : Monthly Details

Menu :

ONR optimum No rinse wash + 3 micro fibers

NXT 2.0

UQD on all - including all Windows

results - Ma ma mia

Sorry guys, not intending to post initially, but something interesting i stumble upon my ride after details to goes thru this........but after meeting a fellow fanatics detailer for breakfast...he say responded to his detailing blog ...so i came back to post up this tips
pls check out this to find out more about detailers claims to be who they are

Imagine all my hard work & effort ...washed away when these fall on my ride...urggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh

i decided to do test in the midst of this heavy fall, driving without switching my wiper....my wife was wondering what am i doing?

you can actually see water gliding away from the wind screen

3 minutes later, water continues to glides

a minute later clear as before

but this morning when i saw my ride, after going the yesterday heavy down pour....MA ma Mia

what do u expect from a 10 years old paint & after rain

say all you want, I will show you what happen when you ride is properly detail & protected from a some sun shots

close up

i had many friend asked me, how good is your wax? how long will it last?

well a picture tell you a thousand words....

my conclusion, when your ride is well detail it will be well protected....i should have shoots some beautiful beading moments
..it like the morning dew on your ride

mirror shines

i am amazed on these both inventions...i live to tell this story....

last 1/4 rear pics....3 dimension

thanks again for viewing

For me I like something is fast, affordable & effective

Talk all you want, I will just show you what i discover

what did u discover lately?[COLOR="Silver"]

[/COLOR]some pics taken yesterday evening .....another down pouring

i just loves to see water beading....this is the CDE moments

close up

ma ma mia beading pics

pics of well surface tension protection

simply irresitable

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