January 14, 2010

pay to wax or pay to scratch

I received a distress call last Saturday, one of the city forumer asking for help to correct a scratch

he only found out that very same morning while taking his car out from his condo there was this long scratch on both the door, I could understand his feeling, as i had the same issue before...let me say ''no mood to talk, thinking of who to send & how to resolve ..... cant sleep& reason out why this?......''who did it?...''

only a 6 months old City..

appointment set for the very next day, after church, i went over with to correct for him, where it was wet sanded to bring the same level of scratch but this is beyond help as it is a deep cut, where the clear coat - paint & premier paint is cut away

I have to admit there are thing that i can do , but at least I got to know a knew friend & came comforting him

to my surprise, a day before he actually send his car to a nearby car polish to correct this & nothing can be done. While he was browsing thru team city forum, he found me & read thru almost all my threads & call me... Now i know, hope is such a powerful thing...

After much attempts we conclude, respraying might not be the best solution, as he has not caught this culprits, therefore, i have suggested to do a touch up with some paint & Clear coating it.

i came to realize that...this there is lots of wax residues found (TOGW) on his roof trims & side trims, Even ask him to smell & found out it is soft 99, paid nearly 300 for this job..& under sun light 'Hologram was found'' all over the front bonnet...as nothing escape under day light

hologram - just like your visa master card emblem

to know more about hologram pls check out in

more hologram

if this is a black car, you would probably see this

this was shot last week at a 4 Star hotel in Bukit bintang,

a million ringgit ride, hacked by some detailer (AKA car polish)

this is holograming - paint burn as was handled by wrong techniques & prehaps products use

how to spot Hologram

Nice car & nice paint, without

but under sun light , you see things you wouldnt be seeing just now, just tilting a bit..ta ta

can u see

Nice car

but under
sun light & certain angle..you will see hologram

the hotel security actually came out & asked me what i am doing? I claim to be a FBI (full body inspection - in this case paint consultant)

close up investegation -

missing clear coat (burn thru)

would you neglect yr exotics

look again...the damaged under proper & close up

feeling like singing 'twinkle twinkle little star....how i wonder what you are?''

cheapest Touch up (DIY)
aim : anti rusting & aesthetic touch up

menu: brush & paint

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