I had this wonderful opportunity to be able to help my buddy to beautify his interior....but there is TIME & COST effective ...limitation issue... he needed the ride in less than an hour.....

most commonly problem for any germans ride.....my bud thought Malaysia is too hot...so hot till the knobs in his ride melted....as you dont find in any other ...as they are not rubberished

common know issue in other German Marque Machine too....esp in E60s

intervention plan as following:-

1. wash & dry within 15 minutes - ONR No rinse wash

2, wax within 10 minutes - Optimum Car wax (spray, wipe & walk away)

3. interior detailing -
*door panels - clean within 10 minutes ( Optimum power clean - & brush off)
*dash & seats quick wipe down with a damp Microfibers 10 minutes (highly recommended weekly)

*leather & interior protected by Leather protectant plus (another spray, wipe & walk away) is good for all interior plastic, vinyl & rubber - 10 minutes

total time spent 55 minutes

ta da to here

remember before

By cleaning with Power clean & microfibers

moving on ..........interior

a special techo time...speciial edition comes with PSM .. Porsche Stability Management serving to intervene in the engine management and brake system in order to stabilise the car in both longitudinal and lateral direction whenever the car is driven to - or beyond - the extreme.

Leather cleaning....

recommended soft hair bristle brushes

ta da

now the dressing time

(a spray on , wipe off & walk away) is good for all interior plastic, vinyl & rubber

many door jams rubber faces the dull looking & whitish powdered finish

a dull looking interior....unattractive vinyl
picture before

ta da

just a soft touch

another breakthrough invention...leather, vinyl , plastic
spray on , wipe off & walk away

now this is the most optimised looking vinyl & protected against UV & the heat of the tropics

another hidden compartment in the trunk


a well detail trunk & the secret chambers

thanks for taking your precious time in view another detailing tale again

now the horse is ready for its knight to charms his princess...

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Nicely done.....and great car!

Some questions :thanks buddy for your kind words, my answer will be in blue

1) for the chipped/worned out push start button - was there a remedy or is a respray needed?
we need to gauge the area size...if it is just a knob or smaller area...it is easy to tackle
as shown here...which i am about to show u in an extreme make over of another E60

as for the bigger area....it is another area you would consider careful prior touch, eg we did a S class centre console ....detailing....we literaly derubberished it....took us about 2 hours...nicely finish..

now peeling issue is so common in all germane marque machines

now common issue....rubberised parts peeling

ta da finishing picture



The rear control panel was also a real mess. The soft touch rubber coating had melted in the sweltering Malaysian weather and the panel was sticky to touch and looked terrible.

A few hours later....... better than new!!!

For full details on this interior detail, click here:

2) you cleaned the rubberised with POWER CLEAN? What is that? Can buy?

power clean is from optimum, another great product every driver should have....it i a multi purpose cleaner & good for almost every part of your car....interior & exterior...safe even for clear coat paint,
i usually clean the lighter colour cars rubberish tainted marks by it without having the need of polsihing over it

3) The vinyl/plastic part was cleaned with OPTIMUM Leather Protector.....how long does this last before it "dries" out and go white again?
in a daily driven ride...& exposing to the harsh enviroment & storage in a wet & hot tropical weather like us....faces many challenges...fungus...algae...aging...

to the best is that...do a wipe down every week or bi weekly with a damp micro fibers & protect it by protectant plus

which HAs UV PROTECTED elements will be abkle o bring up your shine & easily & effortlessly

Thanks & need above advice for my rides!