December 19, 2010

a complete Exotic car detailing guide by KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb

I am fearfully & wonderfully make

Nürburgring challenge - Porsche 911 Carrera S full correction detail by KC's

Remember how this horse was prepare for his knight

Correction title should be spelled as Nürburgring

5 months ago I was asked to detail this beautiful German Marque ....
with the limitation of time .........a month months later.. ...i did a lighting speed interior detailing the interior & hood area....
to read more

sorry Bud let you waited 5 months ya......u know the reason for this season

most commonly problem any Germans ride face buddy thought Malaysia is too hot till our weather melts the knobs ....

Most probably you don't find in any other car maker they are not rubberised

this is a very common known issue in other German Marque Machine ....esp in E60s, E90s...many many many is build for 4 season climate ...perhaps tropic is too hot

ta da

It is only clean with Power clean & microfibers !!!! Many refuted my claims of this de-rubberised detailing - makes no sense & got the wrong picture after :-

knobs are misleading... you took a picture of the left one for before and then the right for after.....they were in two different conditions... you can see that on the picture when you see both...
I'm just curious how u restored the rubberised a/cond knob in the 997. The before and after pics don't tally, the bad one is on driver's us that one after u rescue it, not the one on passenger side
p/s i do not get paid for showing you this : when i showed this to the the owner ''We have a good crazy laugh"

do we get bread on our table by showing you this??????? Hmmm.....but to state our claims ...yes

i even got banned from some international detailing sites for exposing too much ...secrets & out do others????

I'm afraid I'm taking the decision to remove all of your current Showroom threads and you won't be allowed to post anymore with your current membership status.
It's simply unfair on our other overseas detailers who do susbcribe to the International supporter package.
My decision on this is final and not up for discussion.
What?? got banned for posting all my ABC guide 123 steps???????

shouldn't it be the other way around.....Perhaps my consistency put many of them to challenged - all because of me they started a paid / subscribe section for all the none UK citizen - I have been asked to pay 50 pound to "susbcribe to the International supporter package"

I spent 12 hours preparing the pics, uploading it online & write the thread....many to wee hours in the morning & even criticised by some talking pro

classic example for the classic PGA tour
(as there are 2 type of golfer here - one who is the talking pro & another the walking pro)...choose which one you want to subscribe me there is no is just my passion to share with you



close up shot

5 months later on the left knob - still remains

The car is made of lighter materials that means less energy is used.......and with the amount of curves as well

good looking from far away shot.....

but close up & under sunlight...ta da

our hidden enemy is being revealed


SWIRLS mostly is homo sapient rather than mother nature or environmental treats

many caused by the cloths we use to wash & dry / techniques of strokes - material make off & worn out cloths (microfibers alike)

Swirls too on the D pillar

front 1/4 panel (Clear bra - vinyly wrapping alike to protect against stone chips)


this pics was taken 5 months ago prior clear bra removed - visible swirls

the owner decided to unwrapped his present - otherwise it is like driving an unwrapped present around...

more visible clear bra wrapping

now the hidden swirls shown once this clear bra remove

my buddy told me , the moment this clear bra was removed - the swirls already pre- existed

more swirls found now


pic before bath & lots of wax & polish residue found

on the emblem area

plus the clear bra - residues , left an uneven paint on the coat

more residue of paint unevenness -left after the bra removed

hidden wax residue on the d pillar - open sesame

We clayed most of it , lube with ONR No rinse wash & power clean out the residue

over 2 man hours just on the roof lining rubber - cleaning the tedious area

More residues - means more head ache - another hour over just to clean & polish with a special tool called "cotton bud" M105 & M205 was use for this job

took us over an hours to get the residues & stains out of it



moving to wheels cleaning

the least aggressive & effect way cleaning - thanks to ONR


premixes ONR sprayed


Question ?

Is there such a need to used Acids wheels cleaners or harsh degreaser to clean? which may endangered & chances of damaging our expensive - most of the wheel is painted & clear coated as well....

as for me i did by ONR wipe on & wipe off & walk away

brushing hard to reach area


after a good good bath

moving on to Paint correction

but what is there to correct....Many would say "what's wrong & what is the need of car detailing ?????? - as the car look great & have nice reflection

lets take a closer look

under proper lighting - i imitated the sunlight by this halogen flood light

side wheel arch area

around here & there & every where

a long scratch got it from a side parking near the bushes next to a thorny plant bouganvilla
more scratches by bouganvilla


tar remover which remove the paint as well -


scratches at the rear bumper - which the owner specific to corrected


a 50/50 area set to show before & after corrections



in between



for once


another area damage while some contamination cleaning done in a wrong way

for it always takes a cobbler to know his tools


after being corrected

lower 1/4 bumper before

after being corrected


moving on to the top - as it is always says - hard to reach the top

plenty of water stains

scratches as well

ta da

NOW this the 2nd hardest part to detail - - as it is on a different composure material - which i believe is make of fiber glass - having a tropical water stains is an almost an IMPOSSIBLE task to remove -

would you believe - it takes an hour plus to detail

another 50/50 % comparison on the sunroof


a 50/50%

ta da

another secret exposed

when we lifted the diamond logo clear bra tag

we found

Are we there yet - the donkey ask Shrek while the sat on the journey to the castle

scratches before


very very soon

a few more pics before rolling off the road again

gave another ONR wash & protected by

imagine after 10 1/2 hours of detailing - all you want is to complete the job with any big effort & effective protection on the paint

I did it in 20 minutes with this help

Menu for the day

tools - plenty of all assorted brushes, microfibers , Makita rotary, Pads & wools

-ONR Wash - with 3 microfibers (before after clay & after each compound & polish) 4 onr wash + 1st shampoo washed diluted with Optimum power clean to strip all waxes

-O Power Clean - (1:1 used as degreaser, 3:1 to remove hard stains like algae, 5:1 paint cleaning & emblem cleaning - remove waxes, 8:1 door jams & stickers remover)

-Clay & ONR as QD for clay (2 ounces for 500 ml water) - many many clays & patience is our reward

paint corrections
- M105 & Lake country double side wool (fast & quick) (makita spread 1 & progress to speed 3)

-Level up by M105 & Lake country double cutting pad (makita spread 1 & progress to speed 3)

-Paint glossed with OHSP & Meguiars soft bun polishing pad (makita spread 1 & progress to speed 3 & regress to speed 2 & finish with speed 1)
-Finishing by OHSP with LC glazing pad (makita spread 1 & progress to speed 2 & regress to speed1 slightly lifting the rotary - slow is the key word to let the product work out)

Protected by
Optimum Opti seal (25 minutes) on all exterior , window & glasses & Optimum Car wax (5 minutes)

Interior Power clean & leather conditioner & O Leather Protectant

Rear Engine hood - another hard to detail area

it is easier & as taking extra precaution over narrow area by taping each level to prevent coincidently scrap

ta da

interior detailing

Tools - plenty of bristle hair brushes +one and only Optimum Power clean - tada ( i would not leave home for this joB- dilutes to suits yr job need ) I dilute 1:5

wipe off with onr & microfibers

later is condition by leather condition

interior is protected by optimum leather protectant against UV never claim a dressing product

(a spray on , wipe off & walk away) is good for all interior plastic, vinyl & rubber

a special edition techo meter too is protected by leather protectant

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++now a corrected ride

check out under proper lighting

oppss wrong pic

thank God it is not there

close up before


wheel is protected by an effortless wax - spray on wipe off & walk away

tires is protected by tire shine

remember before

ta da

remember this pic

ta da

the hardest area to detail & if you have been thru one


safely now to show whether in day or by night
now after detail

check it out again




this too

ta da


ta da

cheers to all my kind buddies & cherish our detailing- ship together...i would sincere loves to be with you - if time & places permits to join you in your detailing voyage too

now The Luxury of driving a Porsche 911 Carrera S experience begins

thanks to this knob & the pic

who got me into trouble and many have refute my claims


thanks to Doc G otherwise i would have nothing to share with you guys & many thanks of your kindness & cheers along the way

Originally Posted by tfullercdi View Post
Another great job. I love the detailed pics and the commentary. It takes a great deal of time to just take overall pics, but it takes even more time for the up close and "detailed" pics, but they make a world of difference. The car looks great as always, good job!

How hot does it get there? If you dont' mind me askin, where are you located?

The brushes you use in alot of the pics, the ones with the wooden handles. Are those the Swissvax wheel and detail brushes? I have a couple and love them, but the bristles are black. Other than the bristes, they look the same. Just wondering what kind they are exactly.

Thanks again for the great post!

Originally Posted by BobbyG View Post
I really like the way you photograph each area, both interior and exterior. I was surprised to see how filthy the interior was.

The end product is an amazing transformation! I'm willing to bet the owner of this fine automobile didn't think it was his!

Originally Posted by PAR Detailing
She looks great! I love all of the pics you take.

I have seen the same thing happen with the knob melting on the same model car. I only did a quick wash but.... How did you clean it up to get it looking new again??

No worries KC bout all the skeptics out there..

To those skeptics that dont believe KC2's skills.. Please stop insulting your intelligence and go for a hands on session.. I bet KC will be very please to invite you. I have been there to see his real work on a UK imported Merc C-class before and also on my car.
Sometimes people think there is no such thing as a free lunch, but then as KC tells me, detailing is his passion, im amazed u nvr charge me a single sen. :P The advise u gave were really professional advise.. Can open business ady as it qualifies as trade secrets. haha..

Originally Posted by gto_don View Post
Outstanding work and detail. It is always a pleasure to follow your work.
Merry Christmas to you and yours too...
Thanks buddy you too

Originally Posted by J. A. Michaels View Post
Great work, KC. Your meticulous attention to detail is inspiring. The Porsche looks fantastic.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
Great job KC!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by Shawn T. View Post
Awesome job! That is true detailing. Every bit of dirt from every crevice was cleaned.

Merry Christmas!
Quote Originally Posted by MSport
This man is really passionate about detailing. Hats off to you, KC.

Quote Originally Posted by chinman

Fantastic job and educating session too KC.


Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat
Awesome as usual KC! Thanks for sharing...

ha ha ha it was great reading it ...i've never got anyone to explain me and tought me at the same time bout,what detailing is all about except KC and SEECH ...this 2 guys are the only one so far in ASIA that i've found so far which had never failed to respond to any inquiry within the detailing world ....great guys and may god bless you both ... keep it up ...

Originally Posted by es2611
bang.. another awesome job!
detailing dewa

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