July 19, 2010

Luxurious Hacked by a professional detailer, rescued by KC

Luxurious Hacked by a professional detailer, rescued by KC

I am very fortunate again, counted worthy to help my friend to detail her luxurious ride.

she wouldn't have sent to any detail but waited for me till my convenience
she know what she want , the level of prefection

my apologies for the delay...here goes the rest of the story

A luxurious Merz S 550 , they got this ride fully imported (recondition unit) just over 1 year old.

This ride really caught my sight, and remind me as i have been maintaining my uncle previous S series. Great luxurious looking Ride......

But under proper lighting......erchhhhh...arghhhhhh......

swirls & later sent to a wrong hand..it got buffing trails (AKA HOlograming)

another paid to wack Job

in the worng hand
this is what happen when it ended with a person with the wrong technic, marring the paint

led torch is good to shine our hologramming

halogen light is good shine out swirls

look at the damage

there are 3 isssue here
the swirls caused by improper techniques & material use
2ndly it was sent to detail instead the clear coat get burnt
3rdly the pad could be dirty or the detailer did not wash & clay prior detailing...look at the round deep scratch..even rounded scratched

pay pay attention to the hologram
every pic depicts diffrently

different strokes


inner compartment aat the gloove area


severely wacked prior delivering to the new onwer, onwers of such ride, usually has driver to chauffer them around & maintain their ride....
i believe this car came with lots of swirls which damaged due to improper washing, prior delivering to the new owner, they agent might have sent to detailing
guess what they got...free HOLOGRAMMING

another wack by detailer......buy 1 free 1

the existing swirls was not eliminted but adding value added service & certain parts

For body corrections, swirls & rids...i used Makita rotary LakeCountry wool pad with Meguiars M#105 speed 1 to spread & speed 3 / 3.5 to correct
a multiple passes on different area

Then step down to Makita rotary with Meguiars Cutting pad with Meguiars M#105 speed 1 to spread & speed 3 to polish

Polish with Makita rotary LakeCountry CCS polishing pad with Meguiars M#205 speed 1 to spread & speed 2 to polish & speed 1 to finish

finishing Polish with Makita rotary meguiars polishing LakeCountry CCS Glazing blue pad with Meguiars M#205 speed 1 to spread & speed 2 to polish & speed 1 to finish

Then Meguiars NXT sealant wax...
Ultimate Quick Detailer on all windows

Meguiars Aloe leather cleaners on all seats

Meguiars Gold class vinyl on all vinyl & dash & trims

Meguiars Glass Cleaner on all windows & glass
1st 50/50 % comparrision area set

tad a



2nd 50/50 % comparrision pics

look at the before dullness & after brightness
before look like grey more than black

wack by the detailer

ta da, look at the before & after

eliminated & corrected

extreme close up pic before & after


after M 105 2 passes with wool, ticks is still visible & later corrected further



this was my choice of Pad combinations

if anyone can tell u they can do it with just one....alone..he is either a superman or lone ranger

next ,moving to M205 polishing

ta da

mirror shines

interior before
dull & stains

stains seats

ta da after condition by Meguiars gold class aloe Leather conditioner

ta da

now u dont

now u see

ta da

look at the detail door trim now

ma ma mia

rear seats

plushy seats now

luxuriously yours

mirror shinning

a perfect german marke now

a mirror shinning

Meguiars slogan in the show off section
"It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." "Dizzy Dean"

remember before


ta ta ...my friend

thanks for viewing again

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