July 26, 2010

BMW E 90 just detail by KC

Smile one Happy JB owner

good looking E 90

Not too bad......great looking glossy ultimate sporty black looking ride

but...under proper lighting ...tada

our enemy been discovered & found


front hood...swrils inflicted by improper wash

a bruise UDMs

swirls from side door

front panel scratchs

RIMS CLeaning took me nearly an hour

this ride came from furthest down south

insect saps is also harmful to the paint

grill before

more sticky friends

oppss..its a bug life...

quite a few E90 interior has the issue of stains on the leather seat....I have also check with the technical advisor...he told me many onwers has complaint....even the door panel rubberised surface get peel/worn off easily...prehaps they are meant for germany...i guess

2 bucket wash??

yes...Osren bubble wash premixes with MPC ...to strips off any existing wax prior full paint correction carried out

Menu for the day:-

WASH Osren bubble wash premixes with MPC 3 microfibres cloths

Clay with mild clay

wash wash again dry by 3 microfibres cloths

Correction work......

ROTARY whole car - Meguiars # 105 & wool x 2pases & more followup passes with LC wool followed by Meg cutting pad x 2 passes

ROTARY & Meguiars # 205 with Meguiars polishing pad

ROTARY Finishing - # 205 finishing with LC CCS, RED & Blue pad - glazing pads (stepping into finer finishing)

Wax / sealed (whole car - including all rubber , vinyl & windows)

Meguairs windows cleaner on all glass

after wash

clay from the hood


from side skirt

.....a second bath.....8 litre & 3 MF

now the actual paint defect u do not see from far away shots & without proper lighting

the owners dad tries to scothbrite wash away....birds poo poo...

pay attention to the details

ta da


extremely close up shot..mot prefected yet

from this

..next 50/50 % shots



after 2 M105 with wool passes

later wash sand down with 2000 grit sand paper, Megs 105/wool 105/Cutting 205/ Polishing 205/CCS blue finishing

a bit of ta da batt...before my cam batt run out

if u could see the paint defect from this light...u must be superman..only he has the super power to do so

BUT sad to say most detailing shop uses this as a guide to swirls & hologram judgement...."Matt Davis, Meguiars Asia consultant once told me......if you cant see, you cant correct"...lighting is the most important tool for any detailing

will this work...many of them uses the normal flouresence lighting to show u .. my cars looks wet & glossy....SEXY..but is it defect free



but as for me Halogen still a better choice

bye bye my friend

another example.......

magic ta da

if one cant see without proper lighting....can they proper correct them also

SHOW ME YOUR LIGHT & I will show u the magic....defect finder
so dont be fool with detailing shop far away shots & working without proper lighting'

I took close to 11 hours to detail her....

I told the owner i dont have much after shots...he says its ok.... told me to write the title
" ONE HAPPY JB OWNER"...as he happy that his ultimate Driving Machine ultimately detail

Thanks to the UDM owner for his generousity & kindness

to you guys again...for viewing another piece of my detailing art

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