June 16, 2010

professional car detailing - mirror shines in 60 minutes & test

Originally Posted by Ian
Bro, at the rate you are going I seriously suspect you are probably an Alien and have 48 hour day.
Alien or not. Great job , Salute.
yes its another alien detailing job...i actually did 2 cars in 3 hours ...the other zebra myvi & this.......

Its just a small simple gift to my bro in law for his generousity to us....well many gift can be brought by master card ...but moment like this can only repay by gratitude

ONR wash
2 caps 8 litre of water

wipe on & wipe dry with 2 more microfibers towel

after wah & getting ready to seal the ride

sprayed on optiseal

buffing opti seal

oc wax

after oc wax

see i also can detail ....pics of everyone who like to show off their ride

now show me your $$$$$$? oppss i mean day light picture

front left bumper

mirror shining yet?

yummy...reflective hood

side mirror

another front hood pic

look at the left

look at the top

look at the right

pay close attention

i cant even see the different reflection between the plastic light cover & the body

see what i mean..the paint is as shinny as the plastic



ta da its the reflection from the right body panel

just before i parked in again

When you see a car on the front cover of a magazine, it was chosen because of photo quality, NOT the car. This is not to say that the cover car is not a nice car. All it says is that covers sell magazines and they will pick the most pleasing, eye catching photo, be damned the car. You cannot see the thousands of hours of detail the car has (or lack of) in that photo. There are millions of cover worthy cars photographed but only a few are cover worthy photos
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