October 12, 2009

Toyota polish & wax

If ever there is a need of wanting 25 hours in a day, i wish i had it today:-
It was after church, I had to stay back for 2 meetings, and as i am late
when the clock is tickling my heart is also pumping, my adrenaline is gushing out:-

quickly buy our lunches & sent my family home, and making my way to detail this SUV...The owner was kind enough to wait & accommodate me

the moment I reach their place, home in the midst of tropical jungle. A place for a good sound therapy, MAMA-Mia .....i had the most enjoyable detailing in the midst the woods
The Secondary jungle that had established itself over an abandoned rubber plantation provided the canvas for actualising the developer's vision
It offers a residential and supported by a pavilion-style clubhouse. This clubhouse is built alongside a man made lake and park in the heart of the development. Sensitive tropical architecture and suitable landscaping placed within a walled perimeter provides privacy. And with other high security measures put into use, residents can have a peace of mind.
Given that its success resulted from untiring efforts of its development team to preserve and protect the humble trees, it is natural that the catch phrase for this development is “living green”.

Menu for this ride
ONR wash - strongly recommended by Seech
Mild Clay - with Megs Last touch
Megs D151 - with CCS cutting foam
Megs M80 - with CCS polishing Pad
some panels with Megs M105
And Ferrecla on Head lamp polishing - deep cuts

NXT 2.0

initial pics before, daily driven ride, carefully wash & very well kept for a 40 months old ride,
nothing much under normal sunlight, color looks abit dulled, no visible swirls.....(swirls camouflages very well )

Pics before, some scratches here & there

Pics before, some scratches here & there

Pics before, some scratches here & there ...ouchhhhhhhhhh

Pics before, clay

Pics after clayed

pics before, scratches
pics before

thank God for the sun light
I was trying to point out the paint defect, halogen is not good enough

Test area set 50/50

yummy D 151 is awaiting to go again


thank God for the sunlight, i was trying to show 50/50 test area, but hopeless under halogen for this colour

some pics before

after Paint reconditioned by D 151

Pics before some visible swirls

Pics after correction

pictures before more scratches

more scratches

pics after corrected

some deep cuts & scratches

some deep scratches & a dent, striking obviously at the rear panel

pics after scratches by M105

The Owner had a shocked, seeing his ride being scratched by rude driver cuts in to his que

took me nearly almost an hours to removed & correct with ferrecla & Lamb wool
& polish by my Magic Portion D151


Pictures after

the owner is so nice, even offer to cook for me
but i am feeling a bit nostalgic (mal du Suisse "Swiss illness" or Schweizerheimweh ) means Home sick...missing my princess & queen

thanks to Barry & his waxtologist scientist again

M 80

certainly this is one of my most enjoyable detailing in the midst of woods

I just love Megs D151 & Megs 80

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