October 5, 2009

Engine detailing

Engine detailing

This is one of the most quiet weekend for me, cant get any rides to details, although a few more lines up...to come

Only decided to give a quick wash & probably just polish roof but...the moment i open my hood....i saw.................................. work

My High Tea Menu:-

-Wash & hose down 2 bucket

-APC for engine & hood area with many brushes
no dressing yet, as couldnt wait for it to dry as i need

-to do my roof & front bumper with D151

some pics before

i place that i never really enjoy detailing but have to

some pics before

some pics after

this is what i saw & APC applied while waiting to be agitate by brushes

some pics after tedious brushes, amazed how APC work for decreasing too

have seen this in a close up for a long time

after a quick wash & dry

D151 on the front bumper

Mirror finish

nice looking with D 151

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