September 28, 2009

Sunbeams Youth , 27 + 01 rides detailed

This is one of the fastest production line in washing I ever work with....
Thanks to Pete for spear heading & organizing this Car detailing & wash to raise fund for youth to attend church camp.

Yayasan Sunbeams Home is a NGO (non government organization) cares and provides for the orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children, and children from broken families, irrespective of their background or beliefs. This mission has since expanded to caring for the neglected senior citizens, to provide monthly basic food provisions to the Orang Asli groups in Pahang, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor, Drug Rehabilitation Centres, poor families, old folks and single parents.
for more info

A great leader deploying 10 youth as early as 8am, like production line ....from washing bay to soap / wheel bay....quick drying bay & vacuuming bay...lastly final in the back lane alley of our church...water & electricity suplies from 4th floor of the building...very well organised

Many buckets for wash....different bucket for wheel & body
Hose down dirt & rinse off
interior wipe down & vaccum
Wipe dry by microfiber
Wheel gloss by osren

Where it begins Hosing ......down

soap bay

drying bay

move on to vacumm

We even found transformers emblem, (so co-incident)

final inspection

we even give a free corrections
pics before

more pics (owner also did not realized, when it was scratched)

pics after correction

waiting to deliver washed cars

one opted to be detailed

Good is a job well done...we had a great day

opps ....paint corrections at work

what i did most for 1st 2 hours is Driving out the car & final inspections till ....started detailing this ride:-

what we did
2 young helper -
wash & dry
Aggresive claying with last touch
Megs D151 / ccs yellow / Rotary speed 1-2-3
Megs D 151 / Flexi polishing Pad/ Rotary Speed 1-2
NXT 2.0

Some pics to share
look at my transformed clay

scratches before

Corrected by D151 (come on guys, i never gave favorite)

Pics before (later when i check with the owner, he was telling me it is a gone case)...but

tatata...corrected with D151

pics before paint recondition


some 50/50 pics test area

look at different

no more sun light, as it getting rain

Harold is trying to get a feel (to hold makita forthe very 1st time)

Man at work

some scratches the owner has been wanting to removed (many years ago)

owner was so happy

only 01 day light pics, prior heavy rain came down

has to finish off in a parking bay & look at the astonished results of my all time favorite D151

astonished results of my all time favorite D151

astonished results of my all time favorite D151

astonished results of my all time favorite D151

Many thanks to Ivan & Harold for helping to detailed this ride, for rest of it owing my gratitude to Jeya, Phillip, Richard, Ivan, bro Makutu & James

Bro Collin (Bimmer technical Advisor) for organizing & hand on getting wet & sending the boys home

Bro Kevin for supplying isotonic drinks & snacks to boost up our energy

owing our many thanks to PAA members for their kind support & generosity in allowing us to wash the cars

after this I went to one of my youth home, to help her to correct a new car (Perodua VIVA) newly scratched by a drunken car( with M105/ccs polishing & M80/Flexi - NXT2.0 hand & UQD)...sorry camera batt failed me again

last ride, a quick detail with D151 on MB 124 & NXT + UQD

thanks for viewing & treasured every comments & feed back


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