September 24, 2009

Honda Civic Hybrid just detailed

Honda Civic Hybrid just detailed

It was referred to me by my good friend, 2 months old, 1 careful driver, but was knocked by a motorcyclist ...urgh..

car looks cool, but under the sun, RIDs appears here & there, some minor scratches on the driver side doors & passenger lower doors (till i point out to the owner)

This was the 4th/5 rides i detailed, thru out 4 days of break (wash another 3) .......everyone think i am car crazy...but i just cant stand doing nothing other than starring at dirty rides.....while having a stay over at my bro place....hand polished his whole car, didn't thought of writing up (should have taken pics) 3 longs hours....didnt had a Meguiars stuff, took his bottle of Soft 99 polish cream & scrub through the whole car (full of marks & scratches) Now my arm is feeling like Arnold Schwarzenegger

What i did : in 5 hours

2 bucket wash

APC for wheels, arches with many brushes

Wipe down & Gold class for interior

Gold class TAR remover

Clayed with mild clay & Last touch

M 80 with CCS Polishing pad/9227

M 80 with CCS finishing pad/ROB

NXT by hand/TLC

UQD to finish

1st time seeing Hybrid engine, hard to believe, u cant hear the engine cranking sound & idling too. the moment you depress the brakes, the engine stops & its on electric motor. the moment you go down from a sloop the engine will recharges itself . electric power assist engine....1300 cc on Fuel & 500 cc on electric.....its hype thing in Malaysia now

No engine detailing was done due to the shortage of time

The Honda Civic Hybrid is a hybrid powertrain version of the Honda Civic sedan. Honda continuously variable transmission and Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system thus creating a first fuel-efficient hybrid sedan in its model lineup with some styling differences between the USDM and JDM models. Due to a delay in rolling out the second generation, the first generation Civic Hybrid selling slowly in malaysia for a price tag of RM 129,000

lower front skirting was knocked away by a motorcycle & mark left behind

the owner didn't even realized there is a scratches & marks

closer pics

closer pics

all the above is from My camera for after shot pics shot by another camera

Gold class Tar remover at work

new found souvenir

Pics before details, stained door

Stains removed

Tatata the final results

suddenly the pearl re-appears again...feeling like Capt Jack Sparrow again

I just love The depth

the Last time that the owner saw this glow was the day he got his rides, 2 months ago & he is smiling away to see his babes glowings

Buffing off NXT

Applying UQD

final inspections

final inspection - it was close to 8.30pm (as i am fighting against my Fatigue & hunger)



the owner is happy to re gain his chariot glows again

i can see the smiles on the owner face, ease off all my muscle aches

I just dont know why but i just love looking at bumper slides area

I never expect 5 hours on such a new ride, but as i looked back i miss every moment & encounters (challenge) that brought smile to owner as his rides glaze again

after this, went out to buy my dinner & had a quick i go to detail my own ride till 12.30am (prior in detailing this I actually hands on a Proton Persona who was badly deserted by he owner, that makes my arms & shoulders sore till today)

Once again thanks for taking your precious time & effort in viewing my Art

Comment & feedback is highly appreciated & treasured.

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