August 6, 2015

Malaysia Car Detailing Guru KC present - Most Water spots damages car - Restores and reprotected by KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make
water mark acid rains is just makes you so sick

close up

for more pic & review Car detailer: PRIVILEGE. Peugeot Privilege Detailing by KC's

Family reunion always bring alot of good food & fellowship 

when far away brought near
you will see more damages inflicted in the paint


look at the damages - of water marks over not only the car paint, windows & more

the danger of vision difficulty while driving in the rain & at evening

I dont compromise with safety...we need to have a clear vision while driving under these extreme hard condition (heavy rain)

deeper issue of RIDs from improper washing & worn out cloths

more swirls

more swipes from worn out cloth

roof is an area often missed

human damages


I always like to do impossible task, cos nobody can blame you when it cant be done

more scratches at the left side front panel above the wheel

started with ONR wash & clay, OPC for harder stains & rubbers, 

key scratches
more at passenger beneath door handle

more after clowning it around

ta da



nicely restore

human damages

8hours later after detailer intervention

Batek Painting - latest fashion hypes

I like it very much - hippy looks

worn out paint, scuffed by worn out cloth

more painting

a 50/50% 

ta da


roof top

after restoration

under the sun

severly damaged by mother nature & human

ta da

a 50/50%

I stopped & pause for a moment... there must be something more than life

than life it self

once was lost

but now is found

the hurt

the love & restores

the roof


sponge bob

nope its patrick

cool cut

got cut away

nicely restores

even working machine need a break

ta da
a mirage 

after it was protected by Optiseal & OC wax

its a hot hot day 

its alienution

clear sky


after paint is restore


nice reflection



the water mark damage

the sky

nope - its alienution

the day 

rear looks

the other side

dont let others tell you what you can & cant - as all it takes me just a little patience & plenty of passion

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