How bad can water spot damages your car? how worst can Mineral deposit kills you paint? How do you preserve your beloved Possession against aging and envioroment contaminations!
how water mark inflict your car like leper

I couldnt believe my eyes, when i was washing this 6 months car

prior to collecting his car! the sales advisor advise my Friend to coat the car! you must protect your car

fast forward months later

on the chrome

on the glass

on the paint

close up on the craters looking water mark

take a closer look

it is like fish scales

likemy favourite sunsets on the beach......except for the scales damaging the paint

feling like crying

for the next whole day I spent trying on different polish compounding product and to get the right combination to get this rescue and not endangered the existing clear coat paint
thanks to road side car wash

close up

My aim is to restore her and protect her from future occurrence......I found Polish Angel

Menu for the day
Pre wash
1. einszett Anti Insect + Pre-Cleaner
2. wash down with einszett car shmpoo PH neutral
3. Clay with Polish angel Clay Bar with Polish angel Baby Clay lube

Paint Restoration and Correction
1. Detalyo Krestel FRA DAS 6 Pro & Makita M9227
2. Pads combi
Buff & Shine
3. M101 + Polish Angel

1. Polish Angel Coat Shield
2. Opti Coat Leather

after 50% corrected and non corrected

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

the side body before


ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

roof before

on the glass

the glasssss after

ehhhhhhhhhh leper water spots...mineral infected


time for protection

curing time

please allow the picture to speaks

on the paint BEFORE...leper water mark

Ta daaaaaaaa

the side body before

rear hood

remember the paint before