August 10, 2014

Why Car cover damages your paint? paint get baked and destroy

Even side door panel is not spared


check out the link to find out more


A good alternative way to protect your ultimate ride…but is it SAFE

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I had the most challenging task, never ever has I face with such a gigantic giant in my all detailing attempts.

I received a numerous messages daily, but 2 sat ago, I had quite an unusual Short Message ….while settling busy with our new place,

The message read as “ I need your help….water stain …I think..water under plastic cover after rain. On the bonnet mainly, (obviously there are more….rear boot, top roof, both rear quarter of the ride, side door)…

I replied “ try some polish , rub it off…”

Next morning “ Gd Morning, much appreciate if you can check my car, today as I am driving down to Singapore)…

Now that trigger me & My detailing passion arouse within…I invited him over


Re: Water Damage from Car Cover-Check these Pictures
I had the same thing happen a number of years ago but not the same circumstances that you encountered. I tried a number of steps to get the moisture out of the clear to no avail. The clear coat will absorb moisture and the only cure is to repaint

Appended below are the report of my detail:-

before- picture on the roof

after careful restore

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