July 30, 2013

Detailien Hives presenting alienised R 35 GTR Nissan

Detailien Hives presenting alienised R 35 GTR Nissan

Super car detail superbly for ride and optimum protected

upon getting his new car my buddy drove over to want to get it detail and Protected

Paint preps begin by clay

rear exhaust....exhausted the rear looks and surrounding

before alien clean

ta da after alien clean

moving to engine bay detailing
dirt before



ta da

ta da

ready for speed

old road tax residues

alien cleaned

moving to interior detailing
looks like cracking scuff on the leather

usual worn out area

ta da Alien Leather Protectant

Alien Leather Protectant


a 50 % 50 % area Applied 

ta da

some paint issue resolve ALIEN COATING 

ta da

before scratches

ready to go

unleashing the untamenable

ta da

ta da

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If you were taught rinseless washing first you'd be asking questions like: why are you wasting so much water, and how do you get around the whole car quickly without waterspots.
For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

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