May 4, 2012

BMW X 1, 3 series E 90 opti coat by Malaysia Detailing guru

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make
Brand New BMW Whacked prior delivered, Restored & opti coated By KC's the Detailien

This is one of the few X1 we corrected & coated last few months:-

My buddy contacted to opti coat his ride upon receiving his new UDM's......As usual .....we advise him not to be sent to any car wash 

upon looking at the ride, with Sevendust....we saw

New car delivery - whacked by the dealer !!!

it would have gotten away if the paint is dark
but what will happens a year later

New car delivery - whacked by the dealer !!!


after some of our usual monsoon rain

transformation moments

even the big bro envy for such a SPAs moment for this junior

measure of careful precaution taken prior paint leveling begun...

surgical time

and we found there is some scratches & RIDs 

after paint levelling

carefully inspected prior opti coat applied

ta da

after Opti coated

the sleek

usual lotion stains 

and later opti clean & leather protectant applied on

even rims protected

2 weeks later

no what so ever car wash given of QD applied in the process of the followings shots

amazing how it protects & preserve the paint

another referral ride my buddy asked me to opti coat
the next new arrival - 

does it look like the other fate



under & back of the door - before

after alien transformations


after alienised

ta da


the owners actually shock to find this under the bonnet

after alienised

but the scratches is too deep to be polished


engine bay given a spa detail

sun shot test after paint corrected & leveled
prior opti coating

ta da

presenting to u a a a a a a a...............
a new ride

the rear

ta da

the german nose

the journey of a new dawn begins



work begun

again??? anti rust ..stains





placing back

moving on to the power plant


remember before



after alienised

Body surface prep begun

outer paint decontamination

now u see

now u even see more

middle door frame swirled up

after paint leveled

remember before


before the wheels

ta da

gun powder coat before

opti coated wheels

close up

after opti coat

inner wheels

ta da

the core

nurburing ready

dawn of the new Ultimate birth

ta da

it was inspected prior opti coat


after opti coat

it was park under the sun for inspection

thans for viewing again

coming soon

the monstrous 

stay tune
thank Sevendust for his loves of cars & detailing
never would have done without u

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Re: BMW E90 320d Opti coat by KC the Detailien's - 05-07-2012, 10:39 PM
Great work my friend! That bimmer looks so much better!

tropicsteve is starting to get a good reputation around here.

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Re: BMW E90 320d Opti coat by KC the Detailien's - 05-06-2012, 07:33 AM
wow, really gives the clear coat some serious depth ! very nice as usual kc !

mjlinane would be a good candidate for mayor of

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Re: BMW E90 320d Opti coat by KC the Detailien's - 05-07-2012, 12:26 AM
Quality work!!

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