June 20, 2012

A tribute to all the kind hearted artist - who help to out in Yayasan Sunbeams Home charity dinner

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb I am fearfully & wonderfully make

I love you She lah
for your amazing heart & passion in helping us to shine the children
Photo: The awesome auction empress Shelah at Sunbeams Homes fundraiser dinner :)
Truly your heart displayed the most beautiful than beauty I have seen

Photo: Janet Lee takes centre stage & Edwin Sumo a.k.a "Shelah" was the bomb!

Cheers to all whom came & performed - another beautiful heart - our beloved Adibah Noor (you make both me & my wife shed tears thru yr song)

Beloved Janet Lee - you mesmerized the heart to all who came
Photo: empress and her little friend :)
The gifted Dennis Lau - yr strings music melts our hearts

Our beloved & wonderful emcee Ida Nerina, you really bring out the whole atmosphere and we felt your wonderful love ......

our beloved bi lingual emcee Peei peei

not forgetting shelah for the most entertaining & awesome auction ever done...

and a tribute of love & respect to all these selfish-less artist who came and gave their hearts & loves out to 
all our children

chelsia ng
Photo: Auction empress and her little assistant in the form of Chelsia Ng.

YOU ARE THE BEST - keep up this wonderful spirit & you guys are  known 

Photo: IMG_0402

About Us

Helping The Needy

Yayasan Sunbeams Home (YSH), a non-profitable, non-religious, non-political, non-governmental, self-supporting multi-racial  foundation, is a home to displaced, misplaced, abused and neglected children of single parents. It was the brain-child of a husband and wife team, Pastor Alvin and his wife, Pastor Lucy. It was started in 1995.
From a home of first two half-brothers, the home has grown to 60 plus children, consisting of boys and girls. These children are housed in two double-storey houses, back-to-back, one for the girls and the other for the boys. Our children range from 1 years to 22 years old.
A colourful blend of culture occupies its premises, which include Chinese, Indians and Orang Asli, all looked after by pioneers and 30 others who make up the staff and some volunteers who come by to oversee the children's studies.

Batang Kali Branch

Another branch of YSH came into being in June 2006 to cater to the increased intake of needy children. We have more than 20 children staying here.

Alor Gajah Branch

We have also just set up another branch of YSH in Alor Gajah, Malacca as there was a need. We launched the Home on 1st May 2007. We have currently 9 children staying there.

Day Care Centre

A day care centre was set up to cater to the needs of the low income underprivileged parents who can ill afford to send their children to the commercial day care centres. In this centre, we have a full time coordinator and volunteers to help guide the children in their studies.

Community Learning Centre (CLC)

The Community Learning Centre was launched in January 2008 with the objective of approaching an alternative way in handling our children's education. We believe that every child is unique and learns differently. Therefore, these children are given a more personalized learning method that will help to instill academic confidence and motivation. We need approximately RM20,000 monthly to run this facility.

Feeding Ministry

As the vision expands, we have also set up a department to provide provisions and other help to the following groups of people in need:
  • The Orang Asli groups in Pahang, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor
  • 200 poor families, old folks and single parents
We are now networking with the MP of Pandan in doing social work.
Pastor Alvin Tan has been appointed as the Director of Welfare in the Majlis Kebajikan and Pembangunan Masyarakat Parlimen Pandan. We are also working closely with ADUN Teratai in carrying out social work in our community.

In The Beginning

Pastor Alvin Tan and his wife, Pastor Lucy, both teachers, took optional retirement in 1994 to lay groundwork for Sunbeams Home to look after the needs of deprived and underprivileged children. This vision became a reality when in 1995, the first children were two half-brothers; the elder was aged 7 while the younger was a mere 18 months old. In the beginning, only a single double-storey house was utilized, which had the home and administration office within it. God looked at the couple's aspirations and willed it...

Where We Are Today

Today, we have expanded to the following:
  • 60 underprivileged children in Taman Mawar, Cheras, occupying two double-storey corner houses, one for the girls and the other for the boys, another double-storey house and upstairs of the administration office for the boys.
  • 27 underprivileged children in Batang Kali, Ulu Yam, Selangor.
  • 9 underprivileged children in Alor Gajah, Malacca.
  • 24 underprivileged children in Taman Teratai, Cheras, Day Care Centre.
  • Feeding ministry to the Orang Asli groups, 200 poor families, old folks and single parents.

What We Are Planning To Do

Current Plan

We have recently purchased the current 2 rented buildings, which we are now occupying and the corner house next to our building to be used as a landmark. These buildings will be rebuilt into 3-storey buildings to house 100 children. The architect has already come up with the design for the new buildings and we will begin reconstruction of the buildings very soon. We still need another RM1.5 million to complete the project.

Future Plan

Our future plan is to acquire a piece of land of about five acres to building a multipurpose complex, where all the community services will be available:
  • The Children's Home
  • Day Care Centre
  • Youth Centre
  • Food Distribution Centre for the poor
  • Services to the single parents, old folks
  • Community Clinic
  • Administration Office
The estimated cost for the land and the construction of the multipurpose complex is about RM25 million.

Sunbeams Staff

We have currently our founders, Pastor Alvin Tan and Pastor Lucy Tan, and Board of Trustees together with 36 salaried staff helping to run these homes and facilities.

contact yayasan Sunbeams

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