March 6, 2012

from Maritius with love

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

From charcoal to gold

Hi buddies

Sometimes it makes you wonder why people take care of their ride in all the ways that neglect them. If only a car could talk, you could hear her feelings.

Yes! It does but in a very quiet way that very often we fail to understand. And in this quest OCDs thrive!

So, here we go!

That was my recent purchase. A Honda Fit

We look at her heart first! It's said that if the heart is fine, the other parts will be fine as well.

But it wasn’t to be. Quite polluted , difficult to breath, “help” was her cry.

Oh Shit!

The Afters:

One thing not too satisfied about = too much dressing applied. a little goes a long way.

To the paintwork now:

(Not too many pics bcoz of my little boss (kid) lurking and I had to leave to meet somebody at all costs. :)

What are the ride's feelings? Sad really, flat and dull. Cold as Siberian winter!
So, can't express herself!

Car was washed and clayed.
My friends were Makita my pal, Menzerna: PG, 203s & 85rd and LC CCS pads: Orange, White & Black

This is my pal

My little boss is here. Showing me to inspect defects



What are her feelings now?


I'd say mirrors don't lie!

Sleeping beauty

Then I left to meet my buddy.

Do you know this man?


I did the unthinkable. I moved across the pond to meet him.

And I'm addicted. I started to cars like him.

Whenever you ever see this guy, please convey to him my greetings. He's the best I know, the SIFU

Actually I was amazed by his detailing skills n work in Mauritius. When I met him, detailing is only an insignificant part in life. I was much more impressed with him as a person, a bro, a buddy.

If you've made it this far, thank you so much for reading my post. & if you read this KC, know I miss you so much bro.


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Default Re: From charcoal to gold

Hey Zaid. Awesome job! What a transformation. I'm sure KC would love your post. Keep it up!

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Default Re: From charcoal to gold

Originally Posted by seech View Post
Hey Zaid. Awesome job! What a transformation. I'm sure KC would love your post. Keep it up!
Thanks so much for encouraging words my bro. when I go thru' your detailing works n KC's on the forums, i feel like being there. the moments I spent with you all there seem alive again.

Thanks so much again.

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Default Re: From charcoal to gold

Shalom Bro
Thanks for your kind words

I miss you alot too. Its a blessing to know & you have make my detailing very meaningful & knowing u seems to be my greatest detailing

thanks for your detailing ship bro
Malaysia Detailing Guru
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Show Me Your Work!!!

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Default Re: From charcoal to gold

le post almost made my shed tears!
My Detailing Blog, sharing u my journey..
IF you like my post? Give me a THANKS!

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Default Re: From charcoal to gold

What a touching post. KC, you produce good fruit man. Sorry if I sound religious, but JEsus once said the way you can identify a person if by their fruits. You produce good fruit, you are good man! All the way from mauritius.

By the way bro zckid, that is an awesome restoration! You literally turn the paint from matt to mirror and the engine bay looks awesome!
Results reveal truths that empty talk conceals.
Show me your work!

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