January 12, 2012

car care car wash car detailing lesson by KC Malaysia Car detailing guru

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

How can you cares for your cars? to do it yourself or paying thousands of $$$$$ to others to do it

Come to find out & learn how to identify paint defects & handle a rotary properly
paint study, paint damages,
Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 480)Image

the root caused of clear coat paint failure mostly by paint poor preps job & road side car wash (harsh chemicals)

sanding marks prior painting - resurface after paint cured
Zoom in (real dimensions: 640 x 427)Image

a very common scene here
boils down to poor preps prior painting -
Zoom in (real  dimensions: 640 x 480)Image

This sat 14 Jan 2012

time 2 pm

Pls call for rsvp , simply text
I am coming (name) to 016 220 9227

KC +6016 220 9227

some picture to share with you

Originally Posted by ymloo View Post
Hi kc2,

Sori to hijack this thread but where can I sign up for your detailing clinic? Thx
sure all is welcome & it is free

started with paint study

ta da

a lady again on Rotary with Wool cutting & Finishing

we had a great time out today
pure 7 hours of fun
thanks for all who came & esp those who help to restore a special car

You guys really put a smile on this family

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