March 22, 2011

4 steps car details works? by KC the detailing guru

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I did my silver car via an authorised Mxxxxxxxxx detail shop. 3 to 4 layers coated on it but frankly speaking I do not like the outcome. The paint turns 'sandly feel' in less than 2 months. What I do to preserve the smooth surface is coat it up by 'Pxxxx Sxxxx' once or twice a month.

Hi Buddy
thanks for bringing up - 2 issue i would like to clear up here

There is no such myths of 3-4 "layer coat " or 3 or 4 steps
(what ever malaysia car wash / polish centre) claims -
No matter how many layers of waxs, sealant, glass coating & bla bla bla - the 1st layer than counts, as it is the touch base - try applying 58 layer of wax on yr car & check it out in 30 days time, - you would find more contaminants than ever before

worst still - most car polish uses rotary to wax????????? which i cant find in any label of wax- where it specify - best use - rotary at speed 6 & 12 kg of pressure with rapid kung fu strokes to polish wax the car & resulting- buffer trails -

Lets clear this myths once & for all
there are 5 steps towards car detailing, if you were to check out in Meguairs USA forum (in which i was trained , cyberly) - :-

Meguiar's 5-Step Paint Care Cycle
1st step car WASH - wash with PH balance shampoo

2nd step -CLEAN body preparation work - Claying (to remove outter contaminations)

3rd Paint correction - POLISH , Compounding for heavy correction (removing heavy swirls, holograms - inflicted by previous untrained detailer(car polish centre), minors scratches ...etc) then Polishing it to the gloss, glaze

4th protection - either wax (NXT,M21 or Opt car wax) or coating (eg opticoat)

5thly - maintainance ( a weekly wash & a monthly wax)

allow me to show you

wow - what a reflection - MIRROR SHINING -

Mirror shining ?????? Really ke

ta da - lets see the truth - pls do not be blind by my pics - as many would gives u a pictures & not the whole picture

let see again

another reflective picture - wow better than mirror

oppsssssss...........yes when it is with proper lighting - truth will be reveal

Let me ask you by applying 4-5 or 45 layers coat of hwatever WXX Sxxx Cxxxx
will turn this into mirror shinning

I echo with many of my great sifu - that come before me - preparations , preparations , preparations & only preparations works -

now can we ta da already??????

kindly answer pls

now you what i did was - onr wash the car
Clay with onr as lube
Polish with ROTARY - compound with Lake country wool with optimum Hyper Compound, cut with lake country CCS yellow Cutting pad with Optimum hyper compound & Polish with polishing pad & optimum Hyper spray polish & finish with LC CCS Purple pad with optimum Hyper spray polish


a great make over & ta da

check out the lighting now

Mirror shining -

the bigger pic
only 1 layer of OPTI Seal, spray & spread & walk away
OPTIMUM car wax spray & wipe & walk away

...and that not the end

but a dawn of a new world ( a new begining)
I taught & train the owner to care for his car - by a regiment of maitainance

eg - a daily sweeps, weekly mop is far better than once a year spring cleaning -

weekly wash by 3 MF & ONR ( just a 20 mins) a great way to begin this great journey is - a humble car wash, that we does it so often & damages built up over times

monthly wax OCWax ( only 5 minutes for the entire car) - use gentle hands & left to right strokes to minimized - swirls inflicting back to the paint (be careful with paste wax & esp use with dirty or unwashed sponge pads - transference of scratches too)
clay twice a year only

remember before


another before

now after paint correction & protection - water beads on top of the paint as surface tension

stay tuned for the complete write up soon

Lets rise up & take back our position ( I authorized you...& trust me you dont need any authorized person to handle your car) others does it for $$ but you do it out of your heart PASSIONATELY - at the end of the day every owners is the true car detailers for their car

YOU can make difference today for your car

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