December 21, 2011

Super exotics car detailing by Malaysia Car Detailing Guru KC

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers wombI am fearfully & wonderfully make

12 Exotics & super exotics detail in 4 hours for car show by Detailien Detailing Guru

there are many calls in life in some....can be of exciting and others is frightening

but this comes with excitement & both challenging

I was called to detail 1 ride but

The real challenge come when only have 4 hours to complete a car for show (ended up detailing 12 exotics & super exotics before the midnight) having polish & compound on 2 rides & the rest is history

arriving at scene

the only speed wash & safe for super exotics like this

while my buddy seech came slightly early to preps a super Mini Exotic & was correcting the paint...

and Lai came along the way.....Thank God...for sending this angel for help

ONR - WASH / OPC (for car that need paint cleanning)
Preps - Clay with ONR as lube
Optimum opti seal
Optimum car wax

time : 25-35 Minutes per ride

sticker looks familiar ya

moving on
for paint - esp matt paint or Stick on paint

OPC wash the magic portion & HERO who cleans all the paint

ta da

rest of the rides wash by Lai and seech came over as soon he has super sonic complete the mini & mean while .............

left 2 hours...i jump to rescue......
another hot ride just roll of from the baking room - that need a large amount of paint corrections for the show (the 2nd ride that we polish)

I had to ask the owner to help to buff & while he is coating some of his engine parts

1.20 hours later - whole car compounded & polish (with the help of Master Seech)

another pic


just 30 minutes of ONR - CLAY - OOS - under

ta da

the best you can give to the most expensive - body surface - Carbon fibre with opti seal

water beading test

ta da

on the paint

30 minutes to preps & protect a life time of investment is really worth a thinker

it is only done by the all possible - Thanks to Doc G invention

final check

mirror finish - factory baked paint (is what a car collector would pay for)

engine check

quick OPTI CLEAN WIPE down & OOS to protect

anybody cares for olio????

each of these ride drove in the rain to the exhibition hall...that very night

we left with joy & strained out - like sugar cane in the grinder

the very next day - I have to conduct another Hands on Car detailing Clinic in NISSAN show room for their Owners & potential buyers....and struggle to persist I drove to the car do the final touch

upon entering the hall of fame

lots of HOT imported rides

heart started to pump as the music is getting louder & adreline flows straights to your brain

as it is already 1800 hours....after a whole day clinic...seeing all our cars ...soaked under rain & dust...simply irresistible ...

Please note, we just cant simply wet the exhibition hall as plenty of fingers prints and human oil stains upon these another headache!!!

Thank God its friday
OPTI CLEAN - my indoor hero
OCW - to replenish the slicky-ness & glossiness restores

Especially the matt paint are the most headaches ones - but after a quick OC wash and a fresh layer of OPTI seals makes wonders and prefect protection

after having waterless washing all these 12 rides - some reseal (many other need a 2nd wash by the time I do step 2) & finish of with OC waxes - my observation confirm this:-


see for yrself

after a quick detail

the fastest car with the fastest wax on earth - with 5 months protections

I wish i can bring in my makita to do some paint correction in each and everyone of these ladies

great looking monster

interior detail by the owner himself

engine with OPTI clean...OPC cleanning - ONR wipes over & OLP dressing

the problem with show Cars is....lot of butt on your hood & lots of finger print on the paint....i guess everyone and all people like to elton john sings "can u feel the love to night"

I had to Detail 12 rides in the next 3 hours all alone

but the results

with a super exotics looks

all possible help & protection with OOS

ta da

the crowd roar

side looks

up look

rear look

they came again to dirty my ride

but with the owner welcomes
my observation confirm this:-

hmmm.....i prefer this

some of the other ride


the only all possible HERO.....otherwise I am still only a noisy gong and my only preps & handles each of these ladies...Thanks to Doc G

I need 4 days to recover fully....muscle cramps & sores feet, worn off elbow & tired body = in exchange for a life time of satisfaction....Thanks to all my buddy help

SPECIALLY Dedicated to our Good buddy TOM, Seech & Lai

50bhp Junior

Default Re: 12 Exotics & super exotics detail in 4 hours for car show by Detailien Detailing

A short phone call from my buddy KC.

A simple quick detail.

A change of plans.

6 hours... 10 showcars... 2 supercars... much blood, sweat and tears(???) later...




Tom's Mini... all nice and shiny...

More pics here: Optimum Car Care Malaysia: detailien @ exoticmods with ZTH for the Honda Hot Import Nights

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Re: 12 exotics prep for car show in 4 hours by Detailien - 12-21-2011, 02:15 AM
Awesome thread, thank you for sharing.

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Re: 12 exotics prep for car show in 4 hours by Detailien


That looks like a great show! That's a lot of work to do in a short amount of time in that kind of situation...

Good job and great pictures!

Thanks for sharing...

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Re: 12 exotics prep for car show in 4 hours by Detailien

Excellent work! I'll be honest, I think I woulda been too stressed to take pictures with all of that work in such a short amount of time. Thanks for sharing!
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Re: 12 exotics prep for car show in 4 hours by Detailien - 12-21-2011, 01:25 AM
Very cool! It's always very gratifying when your work receives special attention like that, nice job.

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    Great job - how did the owner fit a V12 into the BMW!?!
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