October 26, 2011

malaysia car detailing guru brings u car detailing course by KC's

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Default Malaysia Car Detailing Guru bring you another car detailing course by detailien

It has been quite a while since I get my hands on again & it has been wonderful to be able to meet all detailers from KK, KCH, IPOH, KUA & KL

course cover - paint study

5 W

what is this?

why is this happening?

when is this happen?

Who did it?

worry????? its a clear coat failure

1st opti Mitt in ASIA

welcome Veloc (KK), Josh (Ipoh), Muyo, Harief, Eric, many many more

course commence

Opti Double sided wool for paint correction

paint inspection

ultimate for perfection is wet sanding

wet sanded by Master seech

Hands on guide by master himself

removing sanding mark with opt double sided polishing foam pad with Opt Hyper polish

mr KK

tools for the day

after opti mitt wash

ta da - proven safe & clean

protecting by the ultimate clear coating - opti coat

see the diffrences

30 minutes later the car was push to an extreme test
where many coating claims (permanant)

OPC (power clean pure was sprayed on both glass & paint)


uncoated side but

Optimum coated side tada

tad a


clear coat failure rescue

stay tuned for more updates

another class commencing this sat

call for rsvp

AMG Classic Car Detailing
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Re: Malaysia Car detailing presents Minimum effort for a maximum velocity by Detailien - 10-28-2011, 03:44 AM

Thank you KC for your posting here at AF. Great to see the folks over in your parts are into detailing also.

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Re: snakes & ladder game - yet another detailing by Detailien

Kc my Freind How are you? Sorry for your pains praying for your speedy recovery!

Paitently waiting for updates.
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Great job and glad to hear that your back is recovering. But why do your students have glowing eyes? I don't understand why you would do that.

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Good to hear you are healthy again. Best wishes

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