October 3, 2011

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Hi there, sorry to disturb you again, i got some question about random orbit machine which i wanted to use it for regular waxing and swirl marks remover, occasionally, some polishing. so i narrowed down to this, Bosch GEX-270 AE, which fits my budget, the price is around rm320. =D

My answer - No worries .... firstly you dont need a machine to wax!!2ndly ROB does not have the strength to correct - swirls!! By the time u purchase it & master - u only have small learning cure & soon discover the truth of 2nd point -

u wanna to polishg paint - try this



bigger picture

so, my question is whether this orbit machine fits for waxing, swirl removing and polishing? is the opm rated too high? the spec stated is 7500-12000. I'm afraid it will damage the paint.

SO does it look like being machine? polish?

another one

both before

after ta da

and ta da again

Should i buy this orbiter before meeting you? I need your advice to use this machine as i really do not know how to use this machine. or do you have any other recommendation?

ROB does not have the consistent rotation to level up yr paint, although it does not constant rotate that might burn yr paint - but it has not strength to correct any swirls or scratch

if u want to clean yr paint



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