June 21, 2011

Car Interior and leather detailing guide making easier by Malaysia Detailing Guru

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

leather cleaning - making your ride luxurious again

The day the earth stood still

travelled 400 KM

waited 3 months

accumulated dust & dirt

more to show

being the most attractive area

stains dried

My buddy being a good host, he usually drive his overseas partners around. A very hospitable person

sad to know that most of this VIPs guest couldnt cared much

more stains found at the front passenger seats


scuff with shoes stains

more oily stains & film of dirt ages the vinyl

obviously seats are foremost important & attention cant be neglect for hosting our guest

Leather comes in many different styles and finishes. Some are tanned while others have colors dyed into them. All require separate means of cleaning

a luxurious dirt stains door panel - makes the ride uneasy

close up look

more stains on harder area to reach & clean

hmmm....looks pretty neglected & unattractive to comment

the real issue is TIME & knowledge of how to.....many drivers would struggle & ended paying thousands of ringgit just to get their interior done up

look at the rear seats

close up


Leather is an expensive natural product, so when a leather good acquires a stain its owner will want to know how to correctly clean leather. The best method is determined by the type of the stain and the type of the leather.

sweats accumulated on the seats belts - makes them irritable even to straps on

more coffee stains

ta da

more stains found on the bottom - the hidden treasure

look at the back rest - stained seats

Every type of leather is delicate and very susceptible to changes in temperature and weather so care must be taken to keep it in good shape.

The hardest thing about cleaning leather is that the cleaning process can change the leather’s appearance. Since leather is essentially animal skin, it can suffer from much of the same problems as any other type of skin. It can dry out and crack or become permanently stained


driver door panel - neglected & dirt accumalated

where treasure are usually hided beneath

the real issue

my buddy struggle with the knowledge to detail himself, moreover everyone feel how inadequate as lack of training to do it on their own

my whole intention is to lead him by his hand & show him how I detail the whole entire car with just 2 products

the all mighty power clean with brushes

& the all purpose protectant (leather protectant)

look at the treasure gotten on both the safety belts nylon & leather

stains gotten into the center console area - how irritating it can be to both the sights & feeling

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________

I begin with a simple car wash OPC dilution 1:8 water spray on a wet MF & rinse off (intention of stripping all the previous waxes, dirts, suds ) BTW OPC is the only multipurpose cleaner you need for your entire care for both interior & exterior (saving you both headaches & $$$$$) spending of buying a-z cleaners ended up in the shelf redundant .....

follow with ONR as lube & clay

ta da



I usually have an older clay for these highly contaminated & dangerous area to work with

working from 1800 till 0230

getting a bit tired & hungry (knowing my buddy waited for 4 months & travelled 400KM) just to get his ride detail (I sacrifices my little comfort & food)


how much stains accumulated

same bottle OPC dilution - using a different brushes to get it clean

ta da

just slightly over 10 sec

the real challenge & enemy

a neglect -

For leather, vinyl, or the dashboard, dilute at 3:1 or as little as 8:1. Spray on and wipe off. For tougher grime and stains use at full strength

Dilute Power Clean up to 3:1 to safely clean leather, vinyl, paint, and plastics. Remove old dash dressings and tough residues from interior panels. Wipe away spills and spots from leather seats. Special polymers and emulsifiers break down contaminants with minimal agitation.

ta da

a 50/50% view for your comparrision

Noted - Cleaning leather can be risky because the cleaning process can change the color or appearance of the leather....Avoid products like mink oil, shoe polish and waxes when cleaning leather furniture or garments....

ta ta

a neglected leathers

ta da

---moving to -- nitty gritty area

sprayed OPC 1:8 aggitate & brush

ta ta

remember this at the front passenger seats


side steps

After OPC


after OPC

and now is ready to welcome his majesty

stains before

after OPC

door panel before

now after cleaning with opc & brushes + Opt leather protectant treatment

stains before

after OPC & OLP

remember how ugly & unattractive is it

now after OPC & OLP

engine -

only 5 minutes cleaning - not even dress (with OPC & agitate with brushes & rinse off)

look carefully

imagine the amount of time i use

it is not even dress or wax - no whatsoever oil & it makes evenn easier to clean the next round

how little makes more !!!!!!! rather having it dress with oil & get dust trapped & baked under heat to be caked

remember before

only took me OPC wash in 5 minutes (not even dress with any expensive dress )

time to say good night...very very hungry & tired

its 0230 in the morning

leaving behind you yet another detailing trails

thanks for taking yr precious time to view .....

elegantly yrs again

remember how this west side story -

turning from coal to gem - 8 endurable hours, detailing at this level is a constant fight of physical patience, mental endurance, emotional suppressed - it always a lonely battle till you guys came along the way (thanks for all your cheers & encouragement)

now he only need to do a quick damp MF wipe down bi weekly & condition 3-4 times a year with OLP

less is more - it isnt lesser (consistency pays off - cos no seats like leather seats ) & very expensive to replace or restores them

many thanks to all my wonder friends through out the world - you makes a different in my life - thanks for all your wonderful kind words of encouragement & support. God Bless
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Nice job bringing that interior back, can't believe someone let a Mercedes get that dirty inside.

Sorry to hear about your injury, what happened?
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Excellent work as always KC . These cars do clean up pretty well.

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Nice save K.C.

That interior was ridonkously dirty
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Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

nice thread kc. OPC rocks!

Unread 06-21-2011, 03:19 PM

Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

awesome job. Opc is a miracle cleaner


Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

Thanks for the pics and narrative. Great job that made a world of difference in the appearance.

Unread 06-21-2011, 06:58 PM
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Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

Great before and afters nicely done

Unread 06-21-2011, 09:02 PM
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Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

Amazing tutorial!!and a great job!!

Unread 06-21-2011, 10:40 PM
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Re: E class means Irri-class? nasty interior guide

Great job!!! I am an OPC fan too...It's amazing to me how somone with such an expensive ride let's it get so dirty.
My name is Jeff and I like to make things SHINE!!!

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  1. Thank you Scott for your kind words

    I had a fall, slip & fell onto my elbow, kinda WWF fall, wearing a worn out crocs to wash my car last Christmas evening, ,
    1 week later play golf & travel almost 1500km to held 2 detailing classes, without knowing much I actually had a tear ligaments at my elbow. Saw a GP (general practitioner) gave me some pain killer as anti inflammatory, rested for a week 7 the following week went 2 more rounds of golf & couldn't finish off my game, struggle even to lift my laptop, arrive back home & detail a black neglected so badly car (my arms now - almost felt like aron ralston @ 127 hours

    till i had to use my left arm to hold my right while correcting paint with Makita - the pain was so unbearable - couple of days later went in Emergency ( as my whole right arms is totally out of strength & couldn't grip or drive...cant even carry my baby...due for admission & CT scan (but it was a public holiday tomorrow - no x-ray-logist was a round, the following day saw a sports doctor - Xray found good, except tendon strain & painkiller was given to suppress the pain)

    cut the long story short - i stop detailing for almost 4 months (but sneak out did 3 more hands on clinic & 3 more ride) Now - my arms is total out of strength (elbow swollen) seen another few doc, finally went to see 2 specialist (i only then learn that I tear my ligament & prolong injury from the Ultra sound scan

    2 complete month without detailing - till recently recovery

    Thank God for the prayers of friends & the ultimate healing took place

    (only last sun I did another Carrera interior for another 8 hours till midnight)
    detailing is just simply irresistible


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