October 5, 2010

how to keep your leathers seats last for decads - car interior detailing by KC's

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb

I am fearfully & wonderfully make

simple yet effective

I remember the 1st time 1 got a pair of leather shoe at the age of 13 (my dad taught me to polish it with KIWI wax) later it crack... found out it was PVC.....then when i got my pairs of adidas boots...he taught me to wax on all the linings & thread with candles..lasted for years..even in rain

i take pleasure in cleaning leathers...

when i started working, i happen to know a cobbler who repair lots of expensive shoes....in Pertama Komplek
i brought my 1st pair of CAMEL shoes (at $50 - 2nd hand, cos cant afford the new ones)

since then i kept polishing my shoes...it lasted for years ...usually wore for bike - the sun & rain...

years later i did the same to Doc Martins.......CLarks.....Timberland......Red wings( 14 years & still wearing)

now I have a DECADE old leather seats whom i park under the SUN Seven 24 ...
i purposely take this shot today...as my testimony

extreme close up pores


i like the seats so much till i sold my 6 months old Myvi & kept this ride

driver seats

BTW this is a sprayed coloured leathers...I have only steams once this year after a Decade...to loose the leathers pores...which might have trap dirt .....Bro Sheng last sun..even touch & says it is supple

passenger seats

and both our baby & child seats at the back

we have train our childrens not to step on the seats or jump ...they knew....since birth, we have cradle seats (8 months) ...infant todler seats till 4 years & lastly child seat...till they are able to take adults safety belts height...safety 1st

what i simple does is

bi weekly wipe with H20 micro fibers
1/4 apply leathers condition

preparing for decades to come

cos i remember my dad's advise

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