September 26, 2010

opti coat test 3 months later

For U create my inmost being & U knitted me in my mothers womb
I am fearfully & wonderfully make

i couple of months I had the opportunity to alienised this was 'TAKEN' & return in a lapse of time to the was great looking on this newly delivered ride....

to know more

BUT....upon returning 95 days later......

upon looking at the ride right now...i am .......s.....p.....e.......e........c......h.......l.......e......s.......s

can you imagine the amount of acid rain & industrial fall out stains the paint

more after acid rain & industrial fall out

but look carefully pure & white is it beneath the dirt

going to the rims

door handle &

stain on the upper door

"do u remember how deep is your love? Bee gees"
now how deep is your dirt

Thank God it is protected ..otherwise ....

not too bad looking rite? now you dont....

BUT Close Up PIC define the dirt can camouflage itself
now you see

look at the stains on the bumper

moving to the interior

MENU for the day
A good good bath with OPTI wash .....& rinsing off

Interior ...WIPE down with damp micro fiber
& protected with leather protectant ( will post the interior pic later)

how opti coat work
Zebra - 3 months later

2 weeks ago

i drop by to pick my mum, in my sis house....& wanting to know how is this zebra doing

North Americatti (zee-bra) yoo jedhame wamamu, United Kingdomitti (zeb-rah) jedhame wamama!!!

a 50/50 area to test out the durabilty of this coating
on a DD ride in malaysia subjecting to the acid rain

its a secret that my sis didnt even know

so i shot this with my hand phone

rememeber the 70/30% hood i did 3 months ago

ta da

stay tune
iwill be back with my camera to capture more


after a good bath

looking at the water beading...pls view the video

a good good bath

look at the clean look again

its so easy to clean

Look at the VIDEO of water beading during wash.....95 days later

now how a clean hood should look like

remember this

look at the clean side now

look at the white on this white car now

sun shot

a clean roof

glossy side

just before the rubber hit the road

what so great...not really white as said

BUT........................look at the sun shot pic again

see the different when u have proper lighting

my verdict
It not the matter of whether you can clean your car well

but is it protected wisely.....
Look at the last for weeks..even in tropical heat here ...i dont recall that 30 years ago..apples lasted that long.......but now it does...i wonder why????
the moment when u cut it open & left for minutes it will turn black...

the apple is coated with protection to maximised its freshness & life spent...

same goes here
have a detailien week ahead

Truly amazing results

after all

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