June 4, 2010

How to Fix a Scratch on a Car

scratched remover - Meguiars M 105

Step-by-step car detailing making available to you from proper washing techniques to polishing instructions to protecting your car , we hope you would be able to find everything about top quality car care here, as we have found too.

I received a distress call from my friend that someone knock & scratched his front fender & get away.......Ok ...i will come.....step one "giving hope to others is a powerful thing"

closer pics

ta da....hand polish off with M 105

M 105 ( a professional body shop range product)
followed by M 205 another pro body shop range product - to smooth out the coarse surface

-__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

another irritating things...when some icthy fingers damage

its kinda sick thing

ta da....after hand polish off with M 105

sickening ppl

another scratched

thank God, it can be restored otherwise...another history...you know how when it is repainted

hope to make this a true car detailing resource for people who love their rides.

i have another forumer same over last week to see....a young engineer happen to work at site & sometime ago....some great einstein spraying parts of the building & carried the over spray paint across the street & covered some cars & one of them is his

he got darn feed up....planning to send to repaint or heavy correction

when i meet him......

ehhhh....cant really capture well,,,,but u can feel the whole car as though like sand paper......coarse like tar road
i demo the onr wash for him & seech took out his clay ................

u know the rest........seech showed him what to do & the owner did & happily took a bottle of ONR & the very next day, he went to hyper mart to get the clay & the whole issue ressolve

see what we pick along the way...the evidence that demands a verdict

finish pics

The Tips, Techniques And Secrets Revealed In This Step By Step Guide make available to you ..... as we found our way earlier & hope you find it too

looking forward to have another hands on clinic for you

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