March 28, 2010

professional car detailer - M3 just detail by KC

I am privilege & honour to share with you all my UDMs lovers & owners

a full interior detail on this rare & exotic E46 M3,,

I have also chk with my Friend who is a tech adv, he has not seen any of this convertables that comes with BMW hand phone... truly rare indeed

with a gratitude to the onwer & his generousity.... PRESENTing to you ladies & gentleman......
1st steam spas & detailing for this UDM.....

upon arrival... great looking M powered performance

unavoidable swirls from car wash

I wash with ONR no rinse wash & show how quick & fast & wash yr car yrself after this detailing.....otherwise my heart work will be furtile

engine pics before
not too bad from a distance


some close up engine pics before pi

pics before

water duct before

minor scratch on this dear gruppe M serial nos 01-0116, kelvar intake duct

fume & smoked stains beneath the underhood has been vey sore & heart broken to her lover


stains & smoke
pics before

work began...........................
before pics

mpc aggitating & BRUSHING OFF WITH SOFT round brushes....rubberised handle to prevemt scratching to the paint

rinsing off with Optimum No rinse wash (ONR) diluting 2 ounce per 600 ml water to wash down the MPC residue.& wipe off....conserve water ...& needn't water hosing ..wetting & i have another state of the art steam pressure cleaning....

sound like dry wash

50/50 comparrision pic


after surface above contaimination cleaning....there is stain beneath the paint that need to be remove....Next...I applied PRC 151 favourite AIO product to remove these stains


another section near the front grill section...

MPC at work & brushoff
shing remove paint above contamintion

contamination beneath the paint...cannot bve removed with just cleaners..

rinsing off again with Optimum No rinse wash (ONR) diluting 2 ounce per 600 ml water to wash down the MPC residue.& wipe off....conserve water ...& needn't water hosing ..wetting & trouble...2nd cleaning & aggitating with less corossive substance.....ecological steam pressure cleaning....process

ladies & gentlemen.... steam cleaning in process

ta da
a steamed clean bay now

Next...I applied PRC 151 favourite AIO product to remove these stains

the paint clean & protected

remember before
pics before


there is no reason to treat yr engine with abrasive cleaners...when there is a better way to clean it...Wheel brightener, degresser...super degresser...more industrial cleaners...they are not easy to applied...but to me safety cannot be still a very conservative comes 1st

No doubt the job will done fast...& look well....but is it the best available method for yr preformance engine...esp this M power 380 bhp engine....

..some manufacture company wil suggest....try the least aggressive method 1st.then me the least not getting a stronger or a more corrossive substance...but getting the job done in another streamer to loose out the grim & grease that was build up...I am fortunate to live in this age of technology advancement time

by the way this intake duct cost was designed to draw pure cold air to this M powered engine

after detail pics

complete the same process for the entire engine bay
pics after steaming ....before dressing

before pics

after steamed clean pics

Rest of the pics
same process for the M 3 grills

side steps cleaning

side steps

electronic seats button

by now u might be wondering the pool of water residue ..there is only a minimal amount of water drops as the steam get evaporated...faster than u see...buff off with Microfibers

pics after

u can even aggitate & loose caked brake steaming it

interior detailing & steaming process

only exotics have no spare tyre & a dc powered air pump...that suppose to last u another 20-30 km to the nearest repair shop similiary the last ferrari i detail

inbuild was the state of art machine when i build 7 years ago

as i was talking with one of my fellow detailer...who happend to applied the interior car fumigation...& it is a sprayed chemical..suppose to kill all bacteria & will aggitated under hot sun... i have a better solutions...steam it away...why do we risk breathing the chemical inside...i dont need more toxic world, which i dont need more from any u resolve one but threathing another??????

cd changer

i open a can of worms....spilled oil & dirt tha was swept beneath the carpet

oil stain was wipe away ,,,onr ....rinseless wash & steam away for good

tools was also detail & steamed

the entire boot was steamed & detail

even this

sorry to make u I always intend to bring u to where I was ...leading you thru step by leaving a trails & a charted course for you to do better

making this rare

i wonder any technician here are trained to service this....BMW mobile

it was also detail & steamed

removing the hard top prior interior detailig

few facts u need to know...& take note of

u cant remove it alone - too heavy & large to handle

very dear - u can buy a viva

once remove the car look very sexy & sleek

ta da

50/50 plastic before & after detail

rear seats before

instead of cleaning it with abbrassive substances or chemical ....steamed it away

the moment i place that.... the owner says...i know what u r gonna to do ...50/50 comparrision pics...certainly yes...otherwise how would u gauge it...

talk is cheap walking it out

can u see the detail side look dulled...comparring to the right side not steam...reason being the dirt , grim & oil that was on these NAPA leathers was remove...

the steam open the pore & the dirt surface out...nothing wrong with cleaners...but do u used it on exotics napa's?... the least aggressive makes to last longer & there is no residues of cleaners left behind

the napa now feel more supple..after steamed

later was conditioned by ALoe conditioner

another head rest 50/50 comparrsion pics
right side not detail & left oil & stains being removed

a 50/50 comparrision pics recondition leather cream was applied

more 50/50 shots

ta da pics after details...steamed, cleaned & reconditions




feeling like pebble beach

view from the top

more after detail pics

hey babe wanna a ride

even another coupe is envying of her new looks

show u a pics....i got of her

look at the safety beams behind of the head rest for this coupe...certainly it was engineered for performance, style & safety

side beams head rest...electronics controlled

you make me feel brand new....

side door

elegantly yours

SMG...shift u the F1 feelings
inbuild GPS

interior carpet pic before

interior carpet before

vaccum off the dirt & dust prior steaming'

after detail

its a 2k plus Hartge paddle for

engine pics before
not too bad from a distance


rear LED light detail

STEAMED & sealed

gave her a quick protection.mean time while..i need to schedule for another full exterior correction soon

when applying wax on circular motion method is always evenly applied

not the front or back strokes...inconsisten

yours truly

pics after roof installed back

now u can drive a new car without paying a new instalment

thanks for viewing my art again....

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