March 2, 2010

how to detail your car by KC (Do you pay to get your car wack) - hologram correction

Boss anytime if you are not happy with us, pls bring back la

another Pay to wack correction......

free holograming detail

swirls still visible & found after correction

the owner request some water mark to be removed & explaine he wants a good detail...the shop reply
I will detail until u r satisfied...gurantee u...anytime feel free to bring bck
paid $ & gone off as it was raining...but the following day, he realised hologramming appreared
DARE NOT, to send back for any further correction""or more defects...pls look at the next shocking pics

he wasnt sure what happen... edge paint was burn & patch of CC is defected

he is so fed up of being wacked by the detailer that he force himself to buy a FLEX 3401....
my dream babe
& challenge himself to learn up detailing

lesson begin

knowing oneself & enemy can win the war....confucious ...
detailing is all about knowing the paint defect (IDENTIFY-ING THEM)

i asked him to use all his consumer products & comparing to my body shop collections...side by side

8 months not wash Punching bag


amazing results

and i found out the body shop actually uses Swirls X to correct
and i explaine of the SMAT technologies

gave him to try on my punching bag

1st time hand on rotary

from This sanding mark

to this

only 1st rotary attempt

and progress to correct his ride
pics after correction..only after the 1st encounters & he corrected his own ride ....


ma ma mia mirror finish

this was his LSP (protectiion he choose & i as usual.....suggest another side by side we had 50/50 now

I told him how to fold his cobra micro fibers....edge in prevent ...any side edge scratches

This is what all driver long to see.....milki way galaxy ....

this is one of the Renaissance moments....

testing results

just like stary sky

can u imagine the amount of stuff he got...would have wasted & chuck aside....or has been a bit redundant...without even trying it & master the machining skills

it was one of the most enjoyable time we had

look at my two face...water behave it react of different surface tension.

..i echo the words of my fellow detailer mr JOHN SMITH

constantly Why you should constantly take care of your car...
tq's bro for sharing & thanks for viwing too

another priceless pics, a happy face

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